Is It More Than Just A Summer Fling?


Summer flings can be a lot of fun. But as summer comes to an end, it is only normal to wonder if your new romance will as well. Think about the following when it’s time to define the relationship.

What was the nature of the relationship?

Has your summer romance consisted of dinner dates, late night hook ups or something in between? Consider the type of relationship you’ve shared when deciding whether you can turn it into something more. If there isn’t enough chemistry to sustain the relationship past the fun, you may want to keep it as a fling.

Will distance be an issue?

Distance makes a difference. Not being able to see your significant other every day can cause a strain, especially with newer relationships. Ask yourself how committed you are to this person, and if you like him enough to maintain something through Skype dates and iMessages. If you know you’ll have a wandering eye, rethink getting tied down.  

Does he fit in to my life back on campus?

A “college setting” and “summer setting” can be very different. If you luck out and your new beau happens to live close by, even through the school year, think about how he fits into your life back on campus. Some things are better left back at home.

Do I have the time?

Between classes, sports, work and clubs, you may not have as much time as you did over the summer to dedicate to another person. Not only will you want to dedicate time to your beau, there will be times that you’ll need to be there for him even with everything you have going on. Prioritize, and be sure to take care of yourself before adding someone else to the mix.

Is there something there?

You don’t need to decide if you’re getting married tomorrow, but make sure that this person makes you happy and that he’s someone who positively influences your life.  Think about how well you know him, and consider your similarities and differences. Make sure you’re still compatible past the “honeymoon phase.”

Am I ready to make a commitment?

Decide if you actually want a long-term commitment going into the new school year. Sometimes you may want to start fresh, and that could mean focusing on yourself. If that is the case, it is much easier to end a fling at the end of summer rather than worrying about a break-up a month into school.

There are many reasons to end a summer fling, but sometimes it can develop into something more. Answering these questions will help you better understand where you are as an individual and decide if a long-term relationship is something you are ready for. You may also find that you see potential with this person and don’t want to break it off. Don’t be afraid to see where the relationship can go!