How to Not Look Hungover

Sometimes when you have too much fun one night, you pay the price the morning after. Although you can’t magically cure a hangover, you can fool others into thinking that you got a lot of sleep and that you’re feeling totally fine. If you don’t want to have to wear your sunglasses indoors, then drink some Gatorade, take some Advil for that headache, and follow these steps:

1. Wash your face.

Regardless if you remembered to take off your makeup before you fell asleep, wash your face with a cleanser as soon as you get up. This is especially important if you did not remove your old makeup because anything you put on over it will end up not looking good. Plus, it could clog up your pores, leading to breakouts. If you can, try to use a moisturizing cleanser because your skin, along with the rest of you, is extremely dehydrated.

2. Take care of your eyes.

One of the most obvious signs of a hangover are puffy bags under your eyes. A way to deemphasize them is to put something cold on them, whether it is two spoons stuck in the freezer for a few minutes or some eye cream put in the fridge. Whatever you choose, place it under your eyes for a minute or two, and it’ll help reduce the puffiness. One useful eye product is Olay’s Bright on Schedule Eye Awakening crème ($12.99, found in Target and other drugstores). It is applied with a rollerball, which feels really cold and fresh against your skin.

3. Don’t forget your lips!

Your lips will also be dehydrated and chapped after a long night. Use a little bit of a lip exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin and apply your favorite chapstick to help rehydrate them.

4. Moisturize!

Apply your favorite moisturizer all over your face. Make sure not to put too much on, or else you’ll end up looking dehydrated and oily, a combination nobody wants to have. This is an important step, especially with the temperatures getting colder and causing drier skin.

5. Foundation/Concealer

Although it may sound counterproductive, the last thing you want to do is cake on makeup to hide last night’s effects. It will only make your skin look worse. Use only the bare necessities. If your skin looks good enough without foundation, don’t put any on. If not, try to apply a really thin layer. The same applies for concealer. Apply it where you need it, mainly under the eyes and any blemishes you may have.

6. The Rest of Your Makeup

Keep everything simple and let your skin breathe. After getting your foundation and concealer right, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. It’ll make your skin look a little more perky and healthy, which is definitely not how you’re feeling right now. But hey, that’s what makeup is for.

For eyes, you’re most likely not going to feel like spending a whole lot of time doing an intricate look, so just brush a neutral shade a tad bit lighter than your skin tone on your lid. If you have it, apply a white or light flesh-colored eyeliner to your bottom waterline to help open out your eyes and make them seem less red. Add some mascara and your favorite lip product and you’re good to go! Feel better!

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