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Hook, Line and Sink Him: Reeling in that Campus Cutie

So you’ve been eyeing that guy who sits in front of you in some class, and you’ve talked, but never outside the limits of the classroom.  He’s cute and you’re dying to take it to the next level before the semester is over.  Sound familiar?  Then you’re in luck.  Here are a few dos and don’ts to hitting a homerun with the campus cutie of your choice!

Exchanging Phone Numbers:
Do give him your number first.  This allows for a chance to test the waters.  Plus, it shows that you’re not afraid to take a little initiative.  If he gives you his number in exchange, or sends you a text later that night, this is a good sign.  If no reaction persists, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. 
Don’t randomly force your phone number upon campus cuties completely out of context.  Wait for a good opportunity to casually say, “Oh, let me give you my number [so you can call when you need the notes from yesterday]” even if it involves coming up with a good reason for doing so.  
Sending the First Text:
Do send something that seems necessary, but sends a flirty vibe. (Example: “I’m really stressing about this test, do you think you could help me out with studying? J”  Smiley faces are the key to giving off that cunningly flirtatious vibe.
Don’t blow up his phone.  If he doesn’t respond right away, leave it alone. (I know it’s tough, but fight the urge and try to distract yourself with something else!) The last thing you want to do is ruin your chances by annoying the guy to death.
Coppin’ a feel:
Do be compassionate.  Use emotion to find your way to a touchy-feely opportunity.  For example, if you’re sharing a gut-busting laugh, or he just made a poor attempt at a joke, go in for the grab (don’t get the wrong idea here ladies!) while you’re trying to steady yourself from laughing so hard.   Similarly, if he’s stressed or exhausted from a hardcore study sesh, rub his back casually while you reassure him that everything will be ok. 
Don’t hit, slap, or punch him.  As much as we may think that this is playful banter, no guy wants to get beat up on by a girl.  It sends more of the “I’m your bro” vibe, and could end up being a turn off.
Initiating a Date:
Do make sure you’ve had a few real conversations by this point.  If you still barely know the guy, this could call for some serious awkward moments of silence.  Once you’re almost positive that a date would be enjoyable, come up with a CASUAL plan; something that will allude to the idea that you two are just “hanging out” together. The flirting, the sparks, and the chemistry will come later.  When it comes to initiating the date, bring it up nonchalantly, as if you just thought of the idea off the cuff.  As long as you can both be comfortable and things don’t feel pressured, you’ve got an A+.
Don’t lose your confidence.  This is a big no-no: “I was planning on trying that new pizza place tonight, you wanna join?  (this would be the appropriate stopping point)… It’s totally OK if you don’t, I know you’re really busy and probably already have plans anyways but I know you like pizza so I thought maybe it would be cool but honestly don’t feel pressured, It won’t bother me if you don’t want to.”  Whoa, there.  No one likes a nervous rambler (yet another turn off).  Just keep it cool, exude confidence, and he won’t be able to resist the offer.
So, quick recap.  Keep it simple and stay true to yourself.  Be casual, compassionate, and stray away from “just bro-ing around”.  You got this, girl; the line is cast.  Now go reel in that cutie.

Kelsey is a junior majoring in Marketing at the College of William and Mary. She is currently involved in a telecommuting internship for Polina Fashion, where she is the PR Assistant in charge of social media. In addition, she is co-president of her school's Student Marketing Association. Kelsey strives to be the change that she wants to see in the world, and is avidly involved in organizations such as Invisible Children, STAND, and Students for Stop Hunger Now. When she finds time to relax, Kelsey loves music and being outdoors, whether at the beach or camping in the mountains. She hopes to travel the world throughout her lifetime and plans to study abroad in Budapest, Hungary this summer. Most importantly, there is nothing that Kelsey adores more than spending quality time with the people she loves.
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