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Galentine’s Day Date Ideas

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With Galentine’s Day upon us, look no further for a guide to having the best day yet (sans S.O.) without breaking the bank.

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There’s no better way to show your love then to pamper yourself and your friends.

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  • Grab your robes, stay in, and have a spa night, complete with face masks and mani-pedis
  • Find a spa in your area and treat yourself to a relaxing facial or massage

Dinner and a movie is a classic date night activity, and can easily be retrofitted to fit the circumstances!

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  • Order take out and snuggle up together in front of the television for a cozy night
  • Dates don’t just have to be between lovers! Grab some friends and hit the town for a fun night out complete with a trip to the movies and nice dinner

Game nights are always fun; who doesn’t love a little competition between friends?

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  • Have everyone bring their favorite game, throw on some jams, and play the night away
  • Who doesn’t love classic arcade games? Spend the night reliving your childhood in an arcade

Dancing is not only good exercise, but good fun too!  

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  • Stay in, blast your favorite songs, and dance the night away with your friends
  • Attend a dance class, for ballroom or for exercise– nothing’s off limits
  • Hit the clubs and get lost in the music and the atmosphere

Celebrate your friendship in a permanent (or semi-permanent) way—with tattoos!

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  • If you are looking for something a tad more permanent than a temporary tattoo but are not sure if you’re ready for the commitment, check out semi-permanent tattoos for s (probably) regret –free experience
  • For those with some pain tolerance and commitment, real tattoos can be a meaningful reminder of the bond shared between besties


Main image courtesy of Pixabay 

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