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Fall Beauty Trends for the Ladies of Williamsburg

Whether we want to accept it or not, the summer days are over. Now it’s time to pack for college, say goodbye to our hometown friends and trade in all those  bikinis and shorts for cute cardigans and warm scarves. No need for the blues, this upcoming fall season is full of new and exciting trends to try!
LIPS: During the summertime you’re spending most of your time outdoors being active, chillin’ by the pool, or hitting the beach. Most of us prefer to stick to simply just wearing chapstick and tinted lip balms to prevent our lips from getting sun damage. Now that we’re back in class, it’s time to play around with bright colors and new techniques.


Red Lipstick
Going out tonight? Well then try this eye-catching trend! Red lips are classy and definitely make a statement. Lipstick is definitely one of the easiest ways to achieve red lips. However if you want a really clean look, outline your lips with a matching red lipliner first and then fill in your lips with the lipstick of your choice. When wearing such a bold color, the only warning I have is to blot your lips before going out in order to remove any excess product that could potentially stain glasses, napkins or someone else’s cheek.


Tired of lipstick and lip gloss? Ready to try something new? Lipstains are becoming very popular and are definitely an essential to try out this fall season. Sometimes lipsticks can feel heavy on your lips or dry them out and lip glosses can feel greasy and sticky. Lipstains never give you these problems. The formula in lipstains give you light-weight color that dries almost instantly and lasts for hours.


Neutral Lipstick
Wait….didn’t you just say to try bright colors? What’s this about neutrals? Well, this particular trend goes hand-in-hand with smokey eyes. When you’re rocking such a dramatic look on your eyes it’s best to keep the lips neutral. Before you spend money on a neutral lipstick, make sure to find out what works for your skin tone. The last thing you want are washed out lips that look almost nonexistent.
EYES: I don’t know about you, but when I’m out in the sun all day or going to the beach, I tend to stay away from a lot of eye makeup. The most I would wear is waterproof mascara. Well ladies, it’s time to really play up the eye look this fall.


Smokey Eyes
Instead of playing it safe, try wearing sexy smokey eyes. It’s such a build-able look that can be changed at anytime of the day. During the day, use more neutral colors like browns with some purples for a pop of color. At night, go for the darker blacks and grays to give that really mysterious and glamorous look. Another major feature of the smokey eyes look is the effect of dramatic lashes. Whip out those volumizing and lengthening mascaras to give your lashes an extra boost.
HAIR: We all know the signature hairstyle for summer is carefree beachy waves. Time to swap your sea salt sprays and curling irons for hairspray and styling combs. These fall trends are easy to achieve and cute for everyday wear.


Remember when braids were just for cute little girls jumping rope in the movies you see on tv? Now they’re all over the runways and at red carpet events. Braids are perfect for those days when you don’t want to spend too much time on your hair but you still want to look presentable. There are many different braid styles to try out – french, fishtail, waterfall, reversible, dutch and regular. Braids can be worn alone or incorporated into buns and ponytails. It might take some time to perfect your technique but it’ll be well worth it when all the compliments come flooding in!


Polished Ponytails
Looking for an effortless look to wear to a formal event? Let me introduce you to the polished ponytail. Forget hours spent curling your hair and endless amounts of bobby pins. When you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated look to wear, simply pull your hair back into a sleek, polished ponytail. The higher the better! By keeping your hair out of your face, it’ll draw attention to your facial features and the makeup look you’re sporting that day. If you struggle with stray baby hairs, apply some hairspray on a toothbrush and brush them back to make sure you don’t miss a single hair.
NAILS: Say goodbye to the hot pinks and bright neons and say hello to these new fall trends!


Dark Nail Polishes
Enjoy those bright summer colors while you can because they will soon be replaced with darker, more neutral colors. We’re talking blacks, grays, deep purples, and gem tones. Looking for some inspiration? – check out OPI’s or Essie’s new fall collections coming out soon.


Bling The Ring Finger
This trend is one of my personal favorites. It’s fun, fresh and has endless possibilities! So what IS this trend? All it takes is simply switching up your nail polish color on the ring finger. As simple as that! Say you’ve just painted your nails a lavender color…now paint the ring finger on each hand with different color, like maybe a dark purple polish. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try using a metallic or glitter polish on the ring finger.

Experimenting with this trend is tons of fun and will always get you compliments, so have fun with it!

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