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Dressing For William & Mary Dance Parties

As the frat and club parties start, you will spend quite a bit of time picking out outfits for the dance parties at the Units. We all want to make that pow entrance on the social scene. Here are ten pointers on how to do it with a little W&M class:

1. Shoes: Do not wear heels unless you can actually move in them. Dance parties are meant to be fun, and if you cannot dance or get blisters with the slightest shimmy, leave those heels in the dorm. Plus, Williamsburg’s quaint cobblestone sidewalks do not mix well with your pumps. Sandals are also tricky. If you do not mind getting your toes squashed or splashed with jungle juice, go right ahead and rock them. My recommendation: closed toed shoes, like ballet flats or cute Converse.

2. Pants: Everyone wants to wear their new skinny jeans at the beginning of the semester, but consider waiting until the mercury drops. Dance parties are hot and you do not want to show up already sweaty and feeling gross. Shorts are best for warmer months.  But you have another option…

3. Skirts/Dresses: Always flirty, these are great party options because they don’t constrain you. Caution: Never wear a dress or skirt without something underneath—that has “trouble” written all over it. When you and your dance partner are thisclose, you will be wishing you had on tights, leggings, or spandex.

4. Hair: Leave it down and your hair becomes a tangled, wet mess. Put it up and you cannot whip your hair back and forth. Problematic! Some girls prefer a half-up or pulling back the hair around the face so you can still move to the music without being plastered by your locks. Whatever you do, forego excessive products or an elaborate updo.

5. Makeup: Water proof is key unless you are going for the crying clown look. But have fun with your makeup! This is not your 8AM math class; a party is a place to experiment with new ideas and go crazy with your look!

6. Jackets: All students have the same black North Face—you’re asking for yours to get lost. Either pick a neon green coat or make sure you at least have your name and number in the tag. Make sure you do not bring your best coat either, in case anything happens and it needs a good run through the wash. (Also, inspect a jacket before you put it on be sure it is not somebody else’s.)

7. Purses: Keep them hidden or keep them close, but keep them small. Your Vera Bradley wallet in your pocket or a small cross-body purse is perfect and will not get in the way of you or your girls dancing! Likely no one will steal anything (Tribe Trust) but always better safe than waiting outside your dorm without your ID at 3am. Trust me.

8. Glowsticks: Always take them when offered. They are awesome and look cool in pictures!

9. Themes: Go all out! Go crazy! Wear that Snooki poof to Jersey Shore or all neon under the black lights. College dance parties are great excuses for treating every weekend like Halloween. Themes and the way people wear them are also great conversation starters if you need a break from all the dancing.

10. You: Feeling fun, confident, and ready for a good time are the absolute most important things.  If you have a great attitude you could show up in a potato sack (although see #3 for some advice) and still have a great time.

A few words of caution: always have a buddy, always have a plan, and always make Tribe Choices. Now go have fun!

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