Cute social distancing dates for the holiday season!

The holiday season is approaching, and so is cold weather. Colder temperatures mean no longer being able to hang out outside. Since good ventilation outside, which is one way (along with wearing your mask!) to reduce the spread of Covid, isn’t available, here are several fun ideas to stay safe while also having a good time.

  1. Enjoy a movie and hot chocolate with Netflix party! Netflix party is a browser extension on Chrome that allows viewers to watch Netflix together in real time and chat with each other. If you have MacBook, you can FaceTime each other on the computer screen while watching the movie. If you’re feeling fancy, you can enjoy hot chocolate or popcorn together with your show. This is also a great way to connect with friends or family who you may not be able to see in person this holiday season. There are also similar extensions for Hulu and Amazon Prime if you want to use another video streaming service.

  2. Learn to cook something together. Pull up that recipe you have wanted to try forever, and send a copy to your culinary partner. Using FaceTime or Zoom, prepare the dish together and eat it together when you’re done. As well as bonding with each other, you get to enjoy a special treat! If you’re an experienced chef or baker, try to make something from memory, and see how well it goes. You can also try scratch baking without a recipe like the Try Guys. Check out their video for more inspiration:

  3. Play games together over Zoom or Discord. Jackbox Games, a popular party game company, makes the perfect games for you to play for a double date or with your friends. You can buy their game packs through Steam, for your Apple device or Switch. Their most recent game pack, Party Pack 7, released last month, features five fun games, including a charades game, a “powerpoint night” type game, a puzzle game, and more. 

  4. Have a car picnic! Drive to your favorite restaurant or fast-food place, pick up your food, and eat it together from your own cars. Park your cars back-to-back and open up the rear hatches for your own personal seating areas. Bring blankets and pillows to stay warm! 

  5. Go ice skating or on a walk to see Christmas lights. Staying outside can be hard, especially in the winter, but if you’re moving around and bundled up, you can make the best of it. If you live in Northern Virginia, Georgetown has a beautiful light display up called GLOW from December 4th through January 10th. If you’re staying around Williamsburg, walk Duke of Gloucester street and take in the holiday aura!

Whatever you and your friends or partner decide to do this Holiday season, be safe and wear a mask while having fun and staying connected!