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This past week the Westboro Baptist Church visited St. Louis, Missouri to target a friend of mine from home. The Westboro Baptist Church is well-known for their extremist views including homophobia to the point where they are known for picketing the funerals of ex-military because they believe death is God’s punishment for the existence of gay people.

A senior at John Burroughs High School in Ladue, he is well known for his athletics. He has a college scholarship for his amazing skills at football. He is the number one quarterback at his school and easily the county. However, this star athlete is also gay making Jake Bain an inspiration to many. Due to his direct activism through his position as a gay athlete, Bain is able to reach many audiences and has made local news many times. However, this past week was the first time he made national news and media.

The infamous church heard about Jake and decided to take a trip over to St. Louis to protest all his fundamental rights as a human being – they simply didn’t like the fact that a kid who was gay was getting so much positive social media attention. After hearing that this prejudiced family was enroute, the St. Louis community strongly rallied together in an anti-protest to prove that love is love no matter whom one chooses to love. Below, is Jake pictured (right) with his current boyfriend (left) inside their high school surrounded by student-made posters supporting the targeted couple.

Image from @hunter.sigmund on Instagram

After reconnecting with Jake Bain, and old summer camp friend, at a gay pride fest, I was excited to see him make national news but even more excited to see how the St. Louis community came together to support him. Though I couldn’t be there to participate, I am proud of my city for coming together to not only support Jake, but to stand up for any and all gay students who are easily and regularly targeted due to who they love.


Thumbnail image from hunter.sigmund on Instagram


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