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Campus Cutie: Raven Baytops ’16

Name: Raven Baytops

Year: Senior

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Celeb Crush: Steph Curry

Ideal Date: Getting food and drinks and going to a sporting event.

If you could travel anywhere in the world: Super cliché but probably Australia

Favorite movie: It’s Complicated

Typical day at W&M: go to classes, eat with friends, chill on the terrace as long as I can

Favorite TV show: I don’t really have one but the last one I binge watched was The League

Starbucks or Aromas: STARBUCKS!

Favorite place on campus to hang out: Terrace, definitely!!

Campus activities: Orientation Aide, Delta Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, TRIBEThon, senior interviewer for admissions office.

Why do you like being involved on campus: I love the people here and seeing everyone super excited and passionate about activities makes me want to get involved!


Ideal Guy

Hair Color: I honestly don’t care.

Tall or short: Tall!

Nice eyes or nice smile: either.

Best thing a guy can wear: Clothes that are fitted but not too tight

Guy who plays an instrument or guy who plays a sport: Definitely a guy who plays a sport! I like to have someone to geek out with about sports.

What do you look for in a guy?: Good sense of humor and caring.

Phoebe is a senior at W&M double majoring in economics and classical civilization. When not writing articles, she can be found streaming Netflix, watching her beloved Washington Wizards, and finding ways to procrastinate on things that actually need to get done.
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