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Campus Cutie: Kameryn Point ‘18

Name: Kameryn Point

Year: Freshman

Major: I’m a History Major in the St. Andrews Joint Degree Programme with a minor in Classics.

Hometown: Spotsylvania, VA. Where Stonewall Jackson’s arm is buried and Chick fil a sauce was created.

Celebrity crush: Kit Harrington, Jason Momoa, and Tom Wilson (#43 Washington Capitals).

Ideal date: I am a HUGE hockey fan, so if you took me to a Caps game, I’d be yours forever. If not, I’ve got Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime—we can marathon pretty much any show.

If you could travel anywhere in the world: I’m definitely going to Rome next year. I’m a Latin/anything Roman related nerd, so that will be amazing. One day I want to go to Prague, Fiji, and Iceland (to see the Northern Lights).

Favorite movies: Into the Wild and its soundtrack were amazing (Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam did the entire thing), Gladiator, St. Elmo’s Fire. I paid to see Pacific Rim in theaters three times in a row.

Typical day at W&M: Go to my 11 am, go the Caf, nap, meet up with friends, then do homework. Wow that’s sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

Favorite TV Show: Nothing compares to Game of Thrones. However, I enjoy binge-watching Criminal Minds with my roommate.

Starbucks or Aromas: Aromas. Starbucks isn’t real coffee.

Spot on campus where you love to hang out: Definitely the Terrace when it’s warm out. If you’re looking for me though, I’m probably down in the Media Center in Swem’s basement. It’s my favorite place to do work every single day.

Campus activities: I decided not to do much on campus my freshman year so that I could focus on transitioning into college. It’s something I regret!

Ideal guy

Hair color: It doesn’t matter. But my friends tease me because they all know how obsessed I am with long hair. Man buns forever.

Tall or short: Just as long as I’m not taller than you! (I’m 5’5 so that shouldn’t be too difficult)

Nice eyes or nice smile: Can I have both? Though to be honest, I’ll probably remember your lovely smile more.

Best thing a guy can wear: Though it’s not practical for you to wear a tux every day, I wish it was. Guys who clean up nicely *heart eyes emoji*. But realistically, whatever you’re happy wearing is a-ok with me!

A guy who plays an instrument or a sport: This question is so unfair. How about an athlete musician? Best of both worlds. I’m a musician, so jamming together would be great.

Look for in a guy: Someone who is compassionate, respectful, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously! There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance.

Dana Florczak is an English major at the College of William and Mary, with aspirations of being the boss when she grows up. She loves talking about herself in the third person.
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