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Campus Cutie: John Lovette, 2013

Name & Year: John Lovette, 2013

Major: Chemistry, Environmental Science

Hometown: Lititz, PA

What is he involved in on Campus?
Executive Director of Alma Mater Productions, Frisbee B Team Captain, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Chemistry Research Assistant, Appalachian Music Ensemble

What is he interested in?
Guitar, Ultimate Frisbee, Music, The Philadelphia Flyers, Skiing, Lacrosse, Hiking, Camping, Travelling, Thrifting

Why should he be a Campus Cutie?
“He makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches, drinks tea, loves the travel channel, and prefers to be little spoon.  It would make his life to a campus cutie! One time he pulled up the “6 types of frat guys you’ll find at william and mary” article and told me which one he thought he was. He claimed that he accidentally had stumbled upon it on facebook..but I’m pretty sure he actually just secretly reads Her Campus.” -Anonymous

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