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Campus Cutie: John Bracaglia

Year: Senior

Major: Economics and Finance

Relationship Status: Single

Involvement on Campus: President of the Financial Modeling Club, Sigma Pi, Orientation Aid, Consultant for William and Mary Finance

Fun Fact: I was once chased by an elephant on a Safari in Africa

Three words to describe yourself: happy, passionate, rapper

Rapper? Elaborate please: I’m part of a semi serious rap group called Pubmasta with three others. Some of our songs include “This is Where We At”- a political song and “Catch the Peppa”. We may as well be on iTunes.

What do you look for in a girl: Someone who in intellectually engaging and wants to talk about the deeper things as well

Turn offs: Too many piercings

Ideal date: Canoeing on Lake Matoaka

Plans after graduation: This summer I’m going on a six week tour around central Europe. We’re trying to hit some of the smaller cities like Budapest and Prague.  I interned for Google last summer in San Francisco and will be joining them for a full time position in the fall as a part of their Strategy Team. Definitely looking forward to the Bay Area’s great weather

Best College Memory: When we hosted the Afroman concert at the Crust

What is left on your William and Mary Bucket List: I still need to complete the triathlon- one part left. I also want to go on a ghost tour.

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