Campus Celebrity: Yuka Yahagi, '19


Yuka Yahagi




Tokyo, Japan

Prospective Major(s):    

Political Science

Activities on Campus:

Ultimate Frisbee, Japanese Cultural Association, American Sign Language

Describe Yourself in Three Words:

Organized, sometimes lousy, active

Go-To Starbucks Order:

Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino...I can’t drink coffee :(

Favorite Color:


Favorite Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society


Tennis, traveling and seeing the world  

Career Goals:

To work for a company that allows me to go to different countries

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Visit Morocco!!

Plan for This Summer:

Go home. I’m an exchange student from Japan and I only have a month left before I have to go home… :(

Traveling Experience:

Singapore, Philippines, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, England, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico, Canada, US (to me it’s a travel. You can say I’m traveling right now)

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t sleep with a pillow. I just can’t sleep with it. So it’s kind of annoying when there are so many pillows at a hotel. (but I am thankful for the hospitality!)

Describe your perfect day in Williamsburg:

To being with, it must be a warm, sunny day. No classes so that I can sleep in and visit the Farmer’s Market with friends. Afterwards, head to the bookstore to see what’s new and perhaps have a nice meal. On the way back to our room, we would go through Netflix to decide which movie to watch (we take forever to choose one) and watch it with some nice tea :)  

Favorite Restaurant in the ‘Burg:

I haven’t explored much, but maybe the Blue Talon or Good For Thought. I love Kilwins and Blackbird Berry too. (I am addicted to sugar)

Your favorite memory here:

This is a really hard question because they’re all amazing. Maybe just hanging out with my friends and joking around in the Sunken Gardens on a nice, warm day.

Your tips for newcomers to William and Mary:

Umm, I don’t really know… I guess be yourself and be confident? Adjustments can be hard and people tend to do more than they can really handle at the beginning and it can be stressful. From my experience, the people here are so concentrated on their work and sometimes get carried away and get depressed about how they’re not doing so great even when they are! You’re here for a reason. Everything’s going to be fine, and it’s just that it’s going to take time. If you let it go, things will turn out for the better although it may take some time.

What is your favorite thing about William and Mary?

The people!!! I’ve been to many places, but everyone here is by far the greatest people I’ve ever met. (seriously, no joking) I love how everyone cares about each other and help one another and it’s like a family.

If you were President of the College for a day, what would you do?

Create a program where everyone has to visit a foreign country (not for study abroad, just for fun). The world is so much bigger and beautiful and smart people like William and Mary students should actually feel that. I just think that people should go to as many countries as we can, especially while we’re young.

Anything Else You Want to Say:

Thank you to everyone who made my time here fantastic! It’s sad to think that I don’t even have a month left here, but I know for sure I will cherish my memories here for the rest of my life. I can say for sure that choosing to study here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and will ever make. Hope to see everyone somewhere out in the world. :)