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Campus Celebrity: Lynn Nakamura ’15

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA. I was born on campus. But really. The school of Ed used to be a hospital, and I was born there.

Major: Double majoring in Marketing and French

What organizations are you involved in?

Humans of William & Mary, Project KREO, Delta Gamma, Orientation Aide, Gallery Players, IRC, SASA, and working at the Swem Media Center. I’m currently studying abroad, so I could not re-run for Honor Council, but I would definitely say being a part of it since freshman year has defined much of my time at W&M as well.

What are you passions and interests?

Traveling and Art. When I got to college, I sort of began to neglect some of my more artistic and creative outlets (drawing, painting, violin), except for photography. But as more time passed, the more I realized I needed to be creating something, so I joined Gallery Players and started drawing a little again. I just started working in Paris at an NGO a few weeks ago, and it’s amazing. I’m learning so much, but I’m not creating anything. At first, it was difficult adjusting to a completely French office and I was getting really antsy doing research in front of a computer all day. So I went and bought myself some watercolors, and I’ve been doing a small painting every other day since to make sure I make time to do something I love.

Who is your female role model?

There are a handful of women that I really look up to that I have met throughout my time at W&M. I try my best to emulate their poise, their thoughtfulness, and their courage to remain completely true to themselves (though my attempt at poise is questionable, I’d like to think I’ve learned from them on being caring, functioning under pressure, and thinking through difficult choices).

I don’t know if naming them is unwanted since they’re real people you can actually meet, but I want to thank them and have them know they’re forever my #wcw: Erin Hills, Mel Alim, Hannah Basile, Emmy Newcomb, and Stephanie Winslow (they’re all graduating this spring, so if you don’t know them already, get to know them! They’ll only add to your life).

What inspired you to help start Humans of William & Mary?

I am so, so glad Teymour approached me about becoming a photographer for HoWM. I was so inspired when I first discovered Humans of New York that I tried to start my own version with people in my life. But I was too timid to really interview people, so that project sort of withered away. HoWM was a way for me to re-do the project, but on a grander scale, and with a more organized, less self-centered approach. I love that HoWM is a platform to share the incredible people that are an integral part of our community that you may or may not know.

What do you hope to gain with Humans of William & Mary?

I’ve already gained a few Facebook friends post-interview, which was nice. Hopefully I can connect this with something in my future—whether it’s photography or talking to people. If anything, I’ve already gained so much insight on things I haven’t considered before, on people and their stories that helped them become who they are, and life advice that I really needed to hear. I can only wait in anticipation for what else the people in the W&M community have in store for HoWM to discover.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m hoping to go to art school on the West Coast after traveling for a bit post-graduation. I want to see more of America and of the world. Also, I am hoping I can do something with this 35 page “mémoire du stage” I’m writing right now while abroad. It’s basically a research paper, but more because it’s all in French, and not double-spaced. I’m trying to find a way to connect the paper to a project I can continue after graduation. I don’t want to go straight into a 9-5 job. I know it’s ambitious and slightly naïve, but you never know.

What would you improve about the College or the Williamsburg area?

To be honest, in high school, I could have written you a book of complaints and areas for improvement in Williamsburg. But going to W&M (and being abroad for a semester) has made me fall in love with Williamsburg again, so besides somehow making parking a non-20+ minute quest of frustration, I wouldn’t change anything; I’ll take it with its good and its bad.

What is the best class you’ve taken at William & Mary?

I don’t even know where to start. I’m one of those people who changed majors so many times and took classes that looked interesting, just because. I’ve had to take on 19-credit semesters for the last two years (and I’m going to have to the next year, too) just so that maybe I can graduate on time. Highlights include: Women in Islam, 2D & 3D Art, Islam, Arabic 101, Community-Based Participatory Research, Monsters, and Marketing.

What is your favorite thing about William & Mary?

The people. I was born and raised in Williamsburg, so when choosing colleges, I tried my hardest to fall in love with a school not in my hometown. But I couldn’t not love the sense of community I discovered through my friends (including my brother) who already attended W&M. The heart wants what the heart wants, right? There’s just something about the people that fill this campus. Especially Taylor Reveley. 

Phoebe is a senior at W&M double majoring in economics and classical civilization. When not writing articles, she can be found streaming Netflix, watching her beloved Washington Wizards, and finding ways to procrastinate on things that actually need to get done.
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