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Being Convocated as a Senior

            Convocation is a tradition at William and Mary that all new students participate in.  It begins with a ceremony behind the Wren building where President Reveley, once again, welcomes new students to the Tribe.  There is also an alum that speaks on his or her accomplishments since graduating the College.  After the ceremony, the students file through Wren and out of the other side to the courtyard.  Lining the walkways are hundreds of students giving warm welcomes to the freshman and transfers.  This is an amazing experience because during graduation your class will, once again, walk through the Wren Building but going the opposite way.  This year, I had the opportunity to finally get convocated as a senior!

            I was a transfer student in spring 2015 and they do not have convocation in the spring.  Then in fall 2016, my beautiful nephew was born; therefore, I went home during convocation.  Being convocated as a senior was a strange yet enlightening experience.  The ceremony focused on the memories you will make in college and the experiences you will learn from.  It made me remember all of the fun times I have had so far in college and why I love it here so much. 

            Once the ceremony ended, the hoards of freshman and transfers ran towards the Wren doors.  We all filed through and I was very excited they even had class of 2017 pins! When I walked through those doors there were literally hundreds of people lining the walk way and yelling welcoming remarks.  I felt the rush of adrenaline and excitement as soon as I walked out.  I was immediately greeted by my teammates on the Tribe Cheerleading team and I was again reminded of the reasons why I love this school.  I received countless high fives and saw a lot of my friends who were just as excited for me.  This warm welcome was exactly what I needed to start out my senior year.

            William and Mary is such an incredible community full of students and faculty that would do anything for each other.  I am confident I have found my home and am proud to officially be a member of the Tribe!

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