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#AskHerMore: Female Celebrities Are More Than Their Clothes

Starting with the Golden Globes and leading well into the Grammy’s, Amy Poehler via @smrtgrls on Twitter has been inspiring many to post alternative questions and reasons why interviewers should avoid asking “what are you wearing” on the red carpet. The trend started with Poehler telling the Golden Globes media interviewers that there’s more to a woman than the dress she’s wearing. This trend went even further to address  the “mani-cam” that most red carpets have which looks closely at the manicure these celebrities got for this occasion. Some celebrities are starting to refuse to do this and most are standing by this #AskHerMore trend hoping to turn the world into a woman-positive place where women are treated as equal to men, not just as pretty faces and bodies to gawk at. More recently, people have jumped on board with this trend, even tweeting about it through the Grammy’s red carpet. 

Demeaning women and breaking them down into pretty faces wearing fabric that is more important than they are has to stop. If men can be asked about their music, movies, and other accomplishments, then why is it so hard to extend the conversation to women about their own accomplishments? It shouldn’t be men versus women. We should be working together and collaborating and supporting the success of anyone, no matter their gender. It’s appalling how much harder women have to work to get even the simplest bit of equality, like being asked the right questions about themselves. Despite how hard we work, most men just don’t take us seriously or they feel like we’re asking too much because we always have to ask for things that are just rightfully given to them because of their gender. 

Check out some of the best tweets we’ve seen out there wielding the #AskHerMore hashtag:


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