Are You Registered to Vote in Williamsburg?

You’ve probably been asked this question a lot since arriving on campus in late August. At this point, I might attach a sign to my forehead that just says “YES”. However, if you’ve been strategically avoiding those suggesting that you change your voter registration to Williamsburg, it’s time to hear them out.

You might be thinking that you can just send in an absentee ballot or that one vote doesn’t really matter, since the election is decided by the electoral college anyway. In another year, those arguments might be valid. In another election, one vote may not make much difference. But, absentee votes are only counted in the event of a tie. When was the last time you heard about a tie in a state’s presidential race? Yeah, never, except maybe Florida in 2000.

This presidential election is too important to not partake in. It’s too controversial and omnipresent. Can you imagine seeing the candidate you despise take the oath of office in November and remembering that you did NOTHING to help prevent that?

One vote may not make much of an impact in the long run, but hundreds of thousands of college students across the country choosing to vote in their college town might. Don’t just text your friends about the ridiculous antics of the candidates. Don’t just share an article on Facebook once in awhile to show where you stand. Don’t just tweet or blog or talk about the election. Do your part. Vote.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, there’s no excuse not to vote in November. Make your voice heard and change your voter registration today.

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