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6 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Rush at W&M

Its that time of year again, when girls from all around campus come together to experience an exhausting, time-consuming, but very fun Greek activity called rush. 
This will be my first time on the other side, meeting new girls and welcoming them into my sorority. I rushed as a freshman and I remember that I was so overwhelmed by rush. I had no idea what to wear, how to act, or how to portray myself in a good light to every sorority. Here are a few things that I learned while rushing:

1. Prepare over the summer and all the way up to rush .
Don’t be like me and rush to find that cute dress you need for Pref night from a friend. Figure out what clothes you need before rush begins.  What more incentive do you need to buy new clothes? Or, if you want to save your money, pick out the clothes you need for each round. If you are missing something, like a skirt, ask your friends a couple days before the event, so they have time to search their wardrobes.

2. Know each sorority and the general attributes of each.
I remember when I rushed how all of the Greek names got mixed up in my head! It was hard to keep them in order. Remember, when you rush it is important to remember which house you just came out of and to know if you liked them or not. You will not remember later, so write it down as soon as you leave the house. And don’t write down generic things, like “They were really nice.” Actually write down WHY you thought they were nice, like “I had a really good conversation with her, we talked about soccer” or “I loved everyone’s dresses, especially the girl I talked to, she had on a gorgeous pink dress.” It helps you remember the specific sorority and why you liked them so much.

3. Remember, the girls in the sorority are as nervous as you are.
I know it seems like the girls in the sorority are calm, but they are actually nervous! It is a really nerve-wracking situation – you need to talk to a girl for around 10 minutes and try to make conversation. Then you need to do that all over again with dozens of girls for hours! It’s hard to make small talk with someone you will only talk to for a little while. But as a girl going through rush, you are going through that same experience of having to talk to lots of sorority girls. So don’t be nervous!

4. Try to move away from the same small talk and questions and actually TALK.
It can get annoying getting the same questions over and over again – Where are you from? Why did you pick W&M?  They are good conversation starters, but try to diverge away from that, even if the sorority girl doesn’t. It shows that you are engaging and truly want to have a good conversation with the girl. Try to find something in common with her, because then you can bond over that.

5. Not every sorority will like you, and that’s OKAY!
I’ve been there – being rejected by your favorite sorority hurts. You wonder what went wrong and if it was your fault. Don’t blame yourself!! Most likely the girl you talked with just didn’t think you would fit right in their sorority, and that happens a lot.  It is disappointing and may cause you to stop rushing, but in the end, everything works out and you will find a new favorite sorority, maybe not right away, but soon.

6. Try to keep an open mind.
Don’t let the stereotypes of a sorority affect your choice. Try to give every sorority a chance. That way, YOU can decide which one is the best fit for you, and not everyone else.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have an amazing time picking the best sorority for you! Have fun rushing! 

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