6 Must See Horror Movies

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s prime time for a good horror movie viewing. After all, what better way to get in the holiday mood than with a good fright? Even if you’re not a horror movie buff or adrenaline junkie, it’s still worth experiencing once in awhile, especially around this time of year. The suspense and thrill of fear can actually be enjoyable, and the feeling of fear-based camaraderie with your friends when watching is absolutely worth it. But you aren’t stuck with just a few options. There is a horror movie out there for every preference, from the traditional gore to those with less….hardcore tastes. Here’s a guide to some of the best scary movies to watch this Halloween, based on your personal preference.

Gory: Saw

Saw begins with two men waking up to find themselves chained to the walls of a large, run-down bathroom. The only things in the room are a dead body with a gun, some tapes, and a couple hacksaws. Their captor, the Jigsaw killer, in his messages, urges one to escape and the other to kill the first to save his family. The rest of the movie is equally horrifying and mysterious, partly told in the present situation, and partly shown in flashbacks to events connected to it. Saw is a horror movie not for the faint of heart. It features blood and gore, and grotesque forms of physical and psychological torture. The type of fear from this movie is all about witnessing violent acts performed on and by victims, rather than jump scares. If you want to be frightened and morbidly fascinated, this is definitely the movie for you.

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Classic: The Exorcist

The Exorcist features the tale of two priests, one a skeptic in matters of exorcism, and the other a devout believer in possession ,who come across a case they’ve never seen before. A young girl has begun exhibiting graphic, obscene, and violent behavior, and in fit of desperation her mother decided to bring in Catholic priests. As they witness several events surrounding the child these men of God soon realize that what they’re dealing with is not of this earth. The Exorcist is a well-known horror movie that inspired many more of its kind. To truly appreciate the demon-possession genre, one must watch this film. The best thing is that the effects and plot in this early 70s film have proven to withstand the test of time, a rare occurrence in a period when scary movies relied on cheap thrills and even cheaper effects.

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Psychological Thriller: The Others

Set after World War II, The Others tells the story of a woman who lives alone with her two children and three servants in a remote house in the country. Her children are extremely sensitive to light and must be shut away from the outdoors. After increasingly odd events occur in her dark and gloomy home, the mother begins to suspect that she may be entertaining more company than she originally thought, but in the end those guests may not be what she expected….The Others is one of those horror movies that derives its fear factor from a more intellectual standpoint. Think more of a slow-burn mystery and drawn-out suspense than jump-scares and bloody scenes. That’s not to say this movie isn’t worth a watch on Halloween. It’s disturbing scenes, intriguing story, and mind-blowing plot twist rank it high as a must-see thoughtful horror film.

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New and Popular: The Babadook

The Babadook features the story of a widowed mother and child coping with the loss of their husband and father. The son begins to exhibit strange behavior, but unlike a possession he reports a mysterious figure called the Babadook has entered his life. Still grieving, the woman discounts it as fantasy, but when evidence mounts about the existence of this creature, including the sudden appearance of a grotesque picture book featuring him, she soon begins to believe her child. This film became well-known fairly quickly when it was released in 2014. While most horror movies, even popular ones, fade quickly into anonymity as the years roll by, this movie has proven to be lasting. It’s frightening but also thought-provoking, with a unique concept and terrifying mysterious figure that doesn't show until the end.

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Truly Terrifying: The Ring

The Ring is about the search for one journalist to uncover the mystery of the unexplained death of a young teen girl. After watching a videotape containing disturbing and inexplicable imagery, a tape that urban legend says will lead to your death, the journalist immediately receives a phone call in which a voice whispers “seven days.” Along with the help of her ex-boyfriend, who also watches the tape, the woman frantically searches for the story behind the tape before time runs out. The Ring is hailed as one of the best horror movies of all time. Its mix of the macabre and mundane, its build-up of suspense and thoughtfully placed jump scares, and totally engrossing premise all make it one of the truly scariest and best horror films to watch this Halloween. And, its PG-13, meaning you can emotionally scar your little siblings with it!

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Humorous: Dale and Tucker vs. Evil

This movie tells the story of two hillbillies on fishing trip in their new cabin in the woods But, a group of college students have come as well to party, and because of unfair stereotyping they’re terrified in thinking that these harmless, simple bumpkins are psychotic freaks. Through a series of hilariously random occurrences the teens convince themselves that Dale and Tucker are crazy killers and plot to fight back against this “evil.” Dale and Tucker versus Evil has got to be one of the funniest horror movies out there. It takes all the typical tropes of the genre and completely inverts them. It’s filled with snarky commentary on current film trends, hilarious situational comedy, and clever dialogue. Be forewarned, there is also a significant amount of gore and bloody scenes, so only watch if you can appreciate a bit of dark humor.

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