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5 Ways to Keep in Contact This Summer!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WM chapter.

As the school years draws to a close, we’re forced to say our “see you laters,” the “have a great summers, ” and our goodbyes. With graduation in less than a week, I am not looking forward to some of my closest friends leaving this campus for good. However, over the past few years, I think I’ve become pretty good at keeping in touch with my friends, whether they are 3 hours from me, or whether an entire ocean separates us. As exciting it is to go home, study abroad, or begin your internship is a big city, staying in touch with friends and family is key.

  1. Social Media. Duh, Facebook is the perfect way to continue stalking your acquaintances and keeping in constant contact with your friends. Tagging pictures, posting links and videos on your friends’ walls, random chat sessions – Facebook is probably one of the most convenient ways to keep in contact with the hundreds of people you have interacted with. Twitter comes in as a close second.
  2. Snapchat. Fine, I don’t have an iPhone, but I was able to download this addicting app on my iPad mini. Since 99.99% of the public has an iPhone (or that’s what it seems like when you’re rocking a Pantech HotShot), you can send shots of you laying by the beach, doing mundane intern activities, or whatever you will be partaking in this summer to everyone in your contacts. My personal favorites are the videos. Ten seconds of your roommate singing a song that reminds you of each other, or a simple “I miss you,” can let the people you love know that you are thinking of them.
  3. Snail Mail. Because you actually have to put in the effort to find paper, or a cool postcard, figure out your friend’s address, get postage, and finally put it in the mail box, this method of contact is a little more personal than just an email or Facebook message. Last summer, my best friend and I keep in contact by finding the strangest postcards we could, and sending them in between Colorado and Nevada. Exchange addresses at the beginning of the summer, and you’ll be surprised at how exciting it is to get something in the mail. Plus, postcards and letters double as decoration in your room.
  4. Pick up your phone. Sign into Skype. Set up a definite time to talk. Don’t flake out. Call from a place where others will not distract you around you. Nothing is better than an hour-long chat with someone who you haven’t caught up with in a while.  Plus with FaceTime or Skype, you can witness their facial reactions to your stories and on-goings of your summer.
  5. Splurge. Instead of buying that five-dollar Frappuccino, pay a little extra for postage. Does your friend enjoy reading? Send him/her a book you just read. Buy a bus ticket, a plane ticket, or fill up your gas tank and drive. Spending the money you’re making at your summer job on a trip to see a friend is money well spent.

So, finish up these final papers, pack up your dorm room, and have an amazing summer. For those returning to William & Mary in August, see you then! For those graduating, good luck, and keep in contact!


Lydia is a senior at the College of William & Mary. She is an American Studies major with a Psychology minor.  Lydia is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus: William & Mary, maintains an active role in her sorority, and works at a frozen yogurt shop. This summer Lydia was an editorial intern at The Daily Meal in New York City. 
Harper is a junior at the College of William and Mary, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. A DC-Area native, she serves as Co-President at Her Campus William and Mary. She spends her summers interning in Marketing. This past summer was spent in New York City working at OppenheimerFunds as a Digital Strategy Intern, and the year before at Gannett working as a Marketing and Promotions Intern in the Social Commerce Division. She hopes to slowly accomplish a few things on her list of ridiculous dreams including hugging a walrus and voicing a named Disney character in a movie.Blog || LinkedIn || Twitter