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5 Must-Have Spring Trends for Collegiettes

Spring is coming quickly—as if this warm weather hadn’t been enough of a reminder—and as usual the fashion world is buzzing with excitement to bust out of the blacks and neutrals and dive into colors and fun, flirty, bold designs! Here’s a run down of five new trends to be on the watch for this spring/summer season.
Bring on the Neon!
Bright neon colors are back from the eighties! Orange, pink, coral, and highlighter yellow are all over the runways for this season. Instead of cluttering your outfits with loud colors, keep it clean by breaking up your neon with neutrals like white. If you’re not ready to commit to full on neon tops and dresses, go for neon jewelry, shoes, and spring scarves to spice up your outfits.
Pink Lips
Celebrities and magazines all point to a pink lip trend that says, “I’m fun, breezy, and sweet,” as seen on Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, and Alexis Bledel. Pink lip gloss and lipstick are a fun way to brighten up your face and carry on the neon trend on your lips.
Dip Dye
This dichromatic trend adds dimension and texture to basic outfits and is super easy to do—you can even dip dye your clothes at home by following the instructions on a box of dye you can get at JoAnn Fabrics or any other craft/sewing store.
70s Throwback Pieces
The seventies were a time when women were gaining power and reinventing their sense of femininity. The colors and flowy textures of the seventies are back in this season since they are fun, flirty, and feminine in all the ways that are appropriate for the spring and summer as you can see here on Heidi Klum. Bring the 70s into your tops, dresses, and accessories this season.
Jean Jackets Are Back
Back in the 80s and 90s these were all the rage—but we outgrew grunge and went into modern, alternative, and classic styles. But now they’re back! Great for warm weather to toss on top of a dress or a tank top – white pants combo. Make sure to get a jacket that’s cropped, well-fitted to your shape, and remember—never try to match two shades of denim!

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