5 Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

As the holiday season approaches, it can be stressful (and expensive) to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But fear not, here are five gifts, perfect for anyone on your list, that won't break the bank! 

1. “Open When” Letters 

“Open When” Letters are a super simple way to let someone you know how much you care about them.  All you have to do is write around 10 letters to your friend, each one designated to be opened when they are feeling a certain way, or doing a specific thing.  These letters are truly the gift that keep giving!

2. Picnic On The Sunken Gardens 

Run to Aldi’s or Food Lion on a beautiful day, and invite some friends to surprise them and give them a wonderful memory!

3. If you’ve been smart with your dining dollars, offer to be a flex daddy!

To those of us (not me!), who have Flex left, buying your friends Qdoba, Cosi, or snacks from the Student Exchange!  They’ll love it, and all you have to do is spend “fake money” (which is how I like to think of Flex).

4. Do their laundry! 

Doing someone’s chores for them, be it laundry, or cleaning their room, or anything of the like, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.  Here at college, it can be really hard to find motivation, or time to do chores, so giving a couple hours of your time to make someone’s life a lot easier is a super kind gift to give!

5. Baked Goods

This one is fun, because you can either surprise someone with their favorite desert, or you can supply the ingredients and bake with them! 


Ultimately, with a bit of thoughtfulness and taking some time, you can make awesome and cheap gifts, that your friends will totally love!

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