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3 Categories of Surprises on Campus

Image by Ken Lund

I have spent six months at W&M, which never stops surprising me. Most of the surprises are pleasant and “insider-inclusive.” The journey of discovering them is similar to movie watching—ups and downs. This writing full of surprises not only depicts a secret garden to me, but also unveils a unique insider guide to newcomers!


I know it can be cliché to talk about weather in Williamsburg over and over, but I cannot help doing that. I had never experienced snow in March until mid-March here. I was surprised again by mixed rain and snow this week. For those who are sensitive to cold weather or afraid to tumble in the snow, be prepared!

Countless writings have alerted that temperature at ‘Burg would vary dramatically in one day. While dressing in layers, you should never forget to bring umbrellas or wear rain jackets unless you do not mind getting wet. Yes, Williamsburg is a swamp! By the first time I saw the word “Twamp,” I thought it was derived from swamp! Although there is no explicit connection between the two, a Twamp (Typical William And Mary Person) may get used to nonstop rain and unbelievable humidity.

Unpopular Spots

It can be a mission impossible to find a non-packed quiet area during exam weeks. Besides proactively booking individual study rooms at Swem, I was trying to think outside the box. The far end areas on Sadler Center floor 2 and 3 have nice couch chairs and few people will pass there. Open meeting rooms in ISC are well-lit and spacious for one individual or a small study group. On Friday afternoon, hallways in Washington Hall are very quiet.

If you hope to have an artistic study area, go straight to the Tucker Hall courtyard! My writing professor shared this little utopia with my class last semester. Not to mention the exceptional mural featuring literary classics, one can also warm temperature and gentle breeze there!

Campus Resources

Resources are there for Twamps who know and appreciate them. Are you planning to enhance physically and mental strength at the same time? At Swem, tables close to the main entrance enable you to stand while working rather than locking you to a chair for a long time. Eager for more intense exercises? I saw a running machine in the Read and Relax area on Thursday! Swem also houses the extraordinary Special Collections. The manuscripts, periodicals, and university archives will definitely amaze you. These gems will be helpful to projects on anthropology, history, and so on. W&M campus resources can also be incredibly caring. In the bathroom on floor 2 of Sadler Center, emergency menstrual products from the Student Assembly are offered. They also put a flyer to alert the ladies to change tampons frequently to prevent toxic shock syndrome. A QR code is too available if restocking is needed.

If the above intrigues you, please navigate to our school website, which excellently explains other uncommon campus stories. As our alma mater is skilled at surprising us, feel free to switch on your curiosity and sharing spirit. Talk to peers and faculty and collaborate to unfold more campus wonders. Feel free to tag your findings (#TribeSurprises) to track the beauty of W&M.

Thumbnail Image from Ken Lund on Flickr 

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