20 Words You Never Knew You Needed

Image from Pexels 

Whether you’re a lover of words or just need to spruce up your story, here’s a list of 20 nouns that you never knew you existed:

  1. Abience- (n.) the strong urge to avoid someone or something
  2. Akrasia- (n.) a lack of self-control
  3. Alexithymia- (n.) the inability to describe emotions verbally
  4. Apodyopsis- (n.) the act of mentally undressing someone
  5. Clinomania- (n.) the excessive desire to stay in bed
  6. Frisson- (n.) a shiver of pleasure
  7. Forelsket- (n.) the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love
  8. Kalon- (n.) beauty thus us more than skin-deep
  9. Latibule- (n.) a place of safety and comfort
  10. Lethologica- (n.) when you can’t think of the word for something
  11. Noceur- (n.) one who stays up late
  12. Nyctophilia- (n.) the love of darkness or night
  13. Oneirataxia- (n.) the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality
  14. Petrichor- (n.) the scent of rain on dry earth
  15. Phosphenes- (n.) the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes
  16. Psithurism- (n.) the sound of wind through the trees; rustling leaves
  17. Querencia- (n.) the place where you are your most authentic self
  18. Quiddity- (n.) the essence of something
  19. Thalasssophile- (n.) a lover of the sea
  20. Zemblanity- (n.) the inevitable discovery of what we would rather not know

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