20 Reasons Not to Go to William & Mary

For the second oldest college in the country, it's awfully hard to get people to apply, let alone attend. I'm pretty sure they made up the phrase 'public ivy', anyway. Keep reading if you want to avoid tripping on bricks for the next four years of your life.

The campus is ugly in every season. There's not much to look at in spring,



 or winter.

There's no history associated with the school.

It hasn't even been around for long.

You won't find any traditions here.

Nope, none at all.

And don't expect the welcoming staff to care very much.

Or the professors, for that matter.

You'd be hard-pressed to find any romantic spots on campus.

No one cool ever comes to speak.

Literally, no one.

They don't even have any famous alumni.

Don't even think about taking your kids there.

The students just aren't dedicated to their work.

No wonder W&M consistently ranks poorly.

There's no party scene whatsoever.

And their greek life is nonexistent.

Pride is not a word used at William & Mary.

In any form.

Their mascot is unoriginal.

And their president is boring.

No one even goes to their sporting events.

No happiness here.

And don't expect graduation day to be any fun either.

Seriously, why would anyone go to William & Mary?