10 Things You Know if You're Bad at Remembering Names and Faces

  1. Meeting new people is fun but always a little bit stressful.

2. About five minutes into a conversation you’re contemplating if it’s too soon to ask for a reintroduction.


3. Your Facebook stalking skills have been honed to perfection but you pray that nobody ever sees your search history.


4. Running into somebody who remembers you when you have no idea who they are will always be awkward but you’ve learned to play it off like a pro.


5. You’re really good as smiling and nodding at just the right moments to pretend that you remember who the heck they actually are.

6. Just when you’re about to cave and admit that you’re clueless, they’ll drop a hint that causes it to all come rushing back to you.


7. Or if you’re lucky, a passerby will greet them by name, saving you from yet another sticky situation.


8. You’re grateful for all the people who saw through your forgetful guise but declined to call you out on it.


9. Sometimes you just have to give in and apologetically explain that you’ve got a lot on your mind and can’t quite recall how you know each other.

10. But forgetful or not, you know that you’ll always value your friends and acquaintances and all that they contribute to your life.

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