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10 Things To Watch When You’re Homesick

As a freshman, college is still feeling like summer camp, full of activities, dining halls and sleeping in close quarters. However, thoughts of home are starting to creep in, as I’m sure many other freshman are starting to realize too. I know I’ll get homesick a little bit every time I’m away from home, so I came up with the best things to watch when I miss being home. These picks range from cute mom-daughter adventures to crazy shenanigans with friends to remind you that for now, the friends you make are your family.

1. Gilmore Girls

I know, it seems like a given, but there’s a reason why this show makes the top of the list. Lorelei and Rory’s banter always makes me laugh and reminds me of all the memories my mom and I have together. Always full of quirky townspeople and complex familial facets, I can always find comfort in Stars Hollow.


2. Parenthood

Known to tug at its watcher’s heartstrings, this multifaceted and beautiful show accurately portrays the difficult and wonderful times that all families experience in some way. Beware, you’ll probably get a good cry out of this one.


3. Jane the Virgin

This show is currently on the air, so the story is far from over, but the generational stories between a woman, her mother and grandmother have been highly praised by fans and critics alike. Interwoven between the drama and romance, the heart of the show is truly the strong relationships between strong women.

4. Friends

Known to many, this show is the epitome of a family. While the six friends may not be related by blood (save Ross and Monica), the gang is so close-knit that any viewer envies the connection and love they have with each other. It serves as a good reminder that many of the friends we will make during our years in college will be another family.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire

Ah, an oldie but goodie. Dear Robin Williams absolutely makes this 90’s classic. Witty yet charming, this film is the epitome of a father’s love (although very extreme) and reminds us that no matter what, love for our dads is unconditional.

6. Freaky Friday

Arguably one of the most iconic movies from the early 00’s, this comedy absolutely leaves everyone feeling a little more grateful that we don’t live in our mother’s bodies. Full of great laughs and cringes at even the possibility of our moms mingling with our crushes, this movie will always remind me to be thankful for the life I’ve been given thanks to my mom.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Finale aside (I’m still bitter), this show is another great show about the importance of having a group of friends around you to love and support you. Littered with clever phrases and VERY meticulous clues to the big question (how DID he meet their mother?) this show allows all of us to forget our anxieties about being on our own and be grateful that we’re not Ted Moseby.

8. Toy Story

There’s a reason why this movie is one of the best rated animated movies of all time. It truly brings me back to my childhood, a time where I did think my toys and stuffed animals could come to life. This movie is full of heartwarming moments and it really just reminds me that I don’t have to be an adult 100% of the time.

9. Mulan

I know, I know. None of us are going to save China in place of our fathers. We’re just using our father’s money to pay to study at college! Still, it’s a great motivator, and in my opinion, one of the most underrated Disney movies. All of us ladies are capable of amazing and badass things that our parents are sure to be proud of.

10. The Princess Diaries

Ahh, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews- a match made in heaven! This movie does make me regret not being born into a kingdom (so tragic) but the relationships between the Queen and Mia’s mom are very developed and understandable. The movie also has an AMAZING soundtrack and I think we all can relate to having that iconic kiss.


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