10 Reasons the Toilet Stalls at W&M are Freakishly Short

If you’ve been to the bathroom during your time at William & Mary, you may have noticed that many of the doors on the stalls are significantly shorter than the average human. Like many entities of this fine institution, the reasoning behind the height of these stalls is a mystery. However, we at Her Campus have some theories…

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1.     Colonial people were just short AF

2.     Giving mid-wipe high fives was commonplace during the 18th century

3.     Some conversations were simply too important to be interrupted by natural human behaviors, like peeing

4.     The Great Wood Shortage of 1693

5.     James Blair was afraid of going to the bathroom alone

6.     The TJ statue isn’t the only ~Peeping Tom~ on campus

7.     Funding for bathroom doors went directly to the business school

8.     FYE wanted freshmen to be able to make new friends AT ALL TIMES

9.     The founders wanted to weed shy bladder out of the W&M community/natural selection

10.  TWAMPs are awkward, might as well make their bathroom experiences awkward

We can never be sure why we’re often forced to make eye contact while we go about our business, but we’ll be stronger because of it once we graduate (maybe?) TRIBE PRIDE!