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10 Easy and Creative Group Halloween Costumes!

It’s that time of year again! October’s here and it’s time to start planning out your most memorable Halloween costume. (These costumes could also be great for other themed parties and campus golf!) Group costumes can sometimes be hard to plan out, so here’s a few simple and fun ideas to help you get started:

1. Zookeeper & Animals
What you’ll need: baseball cap for the zookeeper, stuffed animals to safety pin onto the uniform, hiking boots (optional), felt cutouts for animal ears/tails

2. Taco Bell Sauce Packets
What you’ll need: yellow, orange, and red fabric, white paint, black sharpie for the logo

3. S’mores
What you’ll need: tan/dark brown outfit, poster board, Hershey bars and marshmallows to hand out (or eat along the way!)

4. Words With Friends
What you’ll need: Yellow poster board, letter cutouts, black top and bottoms

5. Football Team & Cheerleaders
What you’ll need: athletic clothes, pom-poms, and plenty of enthusiasm!

6. Different Types of Candy Bars
What you’ll need: aluminum foil, construction paper, matching candy bar to hold or hand out!

7. Loofas
What you’ll need: Multi-color tulle, rope to attach as the loofa handle

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors
What you’ll need: grey construction paper for the rock shape, white poster board with drawn-on blue and red lines to resemble composition paper, black construction paper for the scissor handles, aluminum foil for the scissor blades

9. Cruella De Vil & Dalmations
What you’ll need: white top and bottom, black felt to make spots and ears, nets for the dog catchers, a fabulous black and white outfit for Cruella

10. Legos
What you’ll need: large body-sized box painted blue, yellow, or red, solo cups for the “spokes” of the Lego

Happy crafting! Remember, that Halloween is all about having fun and that it all starts with your costume ?

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