YouTubers to Check Out


If I’m not watching Netflix, I’m most likely watching YouTube videos back to back. I will spend countless hours on YouTube watching my favorite YouTubers doing their thing. Personally, I love watching videos about fashion, travel vlogs, Get Ready with Me (GRWM) and workouts. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers to watch!

  1. 1. Q2HAN

    This YouTube channel is run by South Korean twins, Qjin & Qwon. With their bubbly personality and their interesting meme pictures of each other, the South Korean twins post a lot of videos on fashion and places to check out in South Korea. It is interesting to see how they take celebrity style and create it into their own style. If you are interested in Korean street style or are looking for places to visit in Korea, this is the channel to check out.

  2. 2. SundaiLove

    If you watch America’s Next Top Model, you may recognize Sundai as a contestant on Cycle 13. She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and has been thriving since! Currently, she is residing in Japan and she uses her YouTube channel to talk about her day-to-day life in Tokyo and different adventures she embarks on. She gives out details and scenarios about her life in Japan that will make you laugh and want to watch more of her stories.

  3. 3. Megan Bowen

    Megan Bowen is an African American that moved from America to South Korea. She talks a lot about life in South Korea, including dating, learning Korean and the stares she gets from people. Her videos give me an inside look on what I might expect if I move to Korea. 

  4. 4. MsAaliyahJay

    The first video I watched from her channel was when she pranked her boyfriend with his dream car. After that video, I started to watch her channel. She mostly does content based on makeup tutorials, girl talk, and daily vlogs.

  5. 5. idesign8

    You can find fashion hauls, lifestyle and beauty content on her channels. She does a lot of fashion hauls from Shein, which is an online store I love shopping from. Her fashion hauls give me inspiration for trips with my friends.  

Enjoy these YouTubers!