The Year of the Brow: 10 Insta-Worthy Eyebrow Trends

Welcome to the year of the brow. Eyebrows have been taking over the beauty community for a while now; but in the past year, we’ve been blessed with some brow trends that took us by surprise. If you’re feeling adventurous, here are some unique brow trends to try out...or not.  


1. The Halo Brow

It’s 2018; we’ve got eyebrow styles for every outfit and every mood. Give this one a try when you want to show the world how angelic you really are. I’m sure this is what Beyoncé meant when she sang about seeing our halos.

2. The Feather Brow

Big, bushy eyebrows took over the beauty community — thanks to the Cara Delevingne's iconic brows. The feather brow trend seems like a decent attempt at helping out us girls who are less well endowed with their brows.

3. The Wavy Brow

This brow trend blew up over social media; but it was met with a resounding “hell no” from pretty much every person ever. On days when you’re feeling a little wild though, maybe give this trend a try. Who knows, it might just bring the ocean waves to your face.

4. The Glitter Brow

I’m kind of living for this look; but my practical side is screaming that I should never put loose glitter that close to my eyes.

5. The Ponytail Brow

Ponytails are for your head — not for your eyebrows. I’m all for experimenting with makeup and reinventing looks, but this seems a little too extra. What’s next? Eyebrow extensions for even longer eyebrow ponies?

6. The Bedazzled Brow

This is undoubtedly brow chic. It makes me wonder who in the world has time to sit there and glue a bunch of multicolored gems to their eyebrows. How long does it last? Do you have to bring your glue to touch up throughout the day? What glue do you use? Just in general, why?

7. The Contour Brow

We’re busy women, and we love a dual purpose look. Basically, anything that shaves time off of my beauty routine is a win in my book. However, I’m not sure this is what I had in mind. It doesn’t have the natural vibe I often go for.

8. The Branded Brow

I’m a big Nike fan, but I’m not sure I’m that dedicated to my favorite brand. If Nike or Adidas wants to pay me to be a walking billboard, though...

9. The Fishtail Brow

These brows look less like fish fins and more like devil horns. Now, if you’re brave enough to try this look, please save yourself by using concealer to create the look. Do not take a razor to your brows.

10. The Shoe Brow

Here’s one for all you shoe lovers out there. Personally, I love shoes…on my feet. I can’t say I’ve ever really seen the need to incorporate some pumps into my beauty routine; but for those die-hard shoe lovers, I guess this gives you an excuse to wear more than just one pair at a time.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but sometimes our favorite beauty bloggers create new trends that leave us more confused than before. But, if there’s ever a time to get creative with your brows, it’s now. Your forehead is your new canvas.