Why You Should Visit Madison's Cat Cafe

Being away from home is tough, and being away from your pets is even tougher. But, Cat Cafe Mad has got your back. It is a great place to relax; you can pet some cats to cure your homesickness. That’s the main reason I love it so much, but there are many more reasons to visit Cat Cafe Mad.

Parking at Cat Cafe Mad is a bit more difficult due to the construction on Monroe Street. Walking is probably the best way to get to the cafe; it’s not that bad of a walk!

I was pleasantly surprised by how big the cat room is and how many people there were when I entered the room. It broke my heart when I heard the cafe was on the verge of shutting down during winter; but I can only imagine how much money it must take to care of all the cats that live there.

Although I was greeted by unpleasant cat odors at first, the adorable cats that greeted me made up for it — kind of like a Sour Patch Kid. Walking around the room and petting all the cats tempted me to adopt them all. Despite living in a shelter, the cats looked happy. They were getting all the attention they could ever ask for — maybe too much attention. I noticed there were some cats that were more into lying next to you than having you pet them; but like all cats, it’s just a matter of reading their body language. Some cats seem to have disabilities, but they still had pep in their step; they didn't let anything stop them from having fun.

The cats — minus five resident cats — are all up for adoption; they are looking for someone to take them home through Community Cat. They come from different backgrounds; some of them have been abandoned by their owners, and others have been strays. Some may be a bit grumpy at first, but they show their nice side once you show them love. Even if you’re not looking to adopt, petting them and showing them love never hurts. Cat Cafes are a great way to socialize with cats; it's also a great way to get them “back on their feet” and into a home.

Visiting the cats is a win-win-win: the cats are happy and getting attention, you're happy because you’re drinking coffee and petting cats, and the shop is happy because they have customers whose money will go towards helping them take care of the cats.

Donate now to support them through the Monroe St. construction and to help save the shop and the cats who live there! By donating, you get passes into the cat room your next visit. If you don’t want to donate but still want to see the cats, entry costs $5. But, they do run deals often: when I went there, it was “purchase a large drink and get into the cat room free.” They have it all; the cats are cute, and the coffee is always good.

Unless you’re allergic to cats, there isn’t a reason for you not to go! Just do it — you won’t regret it.