Why We Needed Demi and Kristian's Relationship

A few weeks ago, Bachelor in Paradise fans witnessed the season come to an end. Some were blissful as they saw their favorite couples get engaged, and some were somber as the people they shipped didn’t pan out. One couple that stood out amongst them all was Demi and Kristian. This couple stood out because they are the first same-sex couple in Bachelor history. Now let me tell you why we needed Demi and Kristian’s relationship. Having the show air Demi and Kristian’s relationship, as well as Demi’s bisexuality, was huge. Bachelor in Paradise has been airing since 2014, meaning it took the show five years to show a same-sex couple — yet, this representation is exactly what our society needs and exactly what young folks in the LGBT+ community need.

Media representation — especially that of people who aren’t the typical image such as white, male and heterosexual — is important because it makes folks feel empowered when they are represented. For Bachelor in Paradise, the typical reprsentation was of heterosexual relationships — by celebrating just that type of relationship, it is excluding a whole realm of love that folks embody. Therefore, to finally have them showcase a type of love that didn’t fit the heterosexual mold was quite refreshing. 

The fact that Demi was bisexual was another aspect of the Demi and Kristian’s relationship that was important. Folks in the LGBT+ community often aren't given the representation they deserve, so showcasing a woman who identifies as bisexual and is struggling trying to figure out how to reveal that to her loved ones is imperative. This type of battle is something bisexual folks often face, and showcasing it is truly important to make them feel like they aren't alone. 

Ultimately, I will not discount that the show still has a ways to go in the representation and inclusivity sector, but this branch of representation that they exhibited through Demi and Kristian’s relationship is a great start.