Why the Jonas Brothers Needed a Break

Almost six years ago, the Jonas Brothers shocked the world by announcing their split. Fast forward to 2019 and every 18 to 25-year-old found themselves hurrying to catch tickets to their Happiness Begins Tour this fall. I’ll be the first to admit that their split left me heartbroken, but it really was (probably) for the best. 

The group’s sound has definitely evolved. Sure, we all love classics like “S.O.S” and “Lovebug,” but with new hits like “Only Human” and “Don’t Throw it Away” along with ballads like “Comeback,” you hear bits of that evolution. Their new album highlights a new sound that fits the market like a glove. It’s infectious pop with all around good vibes, but also highlights Nick and Joe’s individual projects, like DNCE, all into their sound. 

As an audience, we’ve grown up. We’re no longer 12-year-olds who love watching Camp Rock. In fact, I’m sure the majority of people attending their tour this fall are in college. The band has matured and so have their audience and fans. I mean, let’s be real, Kevin is a dad and Nick and Joe are married. It only makes sense that their sound has changed. 

The Jonas Brothers traditionally had an underlying rock element that in 2019 may have not succeeded. Sure, we all love a good pop-rock song — but based off what’s charted recently, there isn’t a huge market for that sound. The six-year break enabled them to recollect and find the passion for music they once had. Let’s keep in mind that the band broke up in the first place over “creative differences,” so finding their sound again was extremely important to the success they’ve had. From a marketing perspective, taking a break, especially one that’s six years long, allowed fans to create a demand for new music and tours. The Jonas Brothers Live Tour, the last tour before their split, had them performing in theaters and arenas with a maximum capacity between 5,000 to 15,000 people. Even then, most didn’t even sell out. Billboard reports that the Happiness Begins Tour raked in nearly 20 million dollars for the first 12 shows alone. I’m sure you probably know at least one person who’s going to a show too. 

I also will be the first to admit that I’m glad they took a break. Being a musician is hard for a number of different reasons, but I’m ecstatic about the fact that Kevin Jonas is finally being appreciated! Don’t get me wrong, Joe and Nick are great, but I remember growing up and never hearing or seeing love for Kevin. As much as Joe and Nick sing the most, you could argue that Kevin might just be the heart and backbone of the band. In recent performances, he’s having the time of his life and it’s a beautiful sight to see. Joe and Nick have had their success with their individual careers, but it’s so nice to see Kevin getting back into something he loves and receiving more appreciation from fans.

I definitely have no shame in saying that I felt the same emotion hearing their new album that I did when I was younger. This break was good for both them and for fans. I guess I’ll have to learn to accept that Nick’s married now, but at least the band is back together!