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Why Joining Campus Trendsetters Was One of the Best Decisions I Made in College

Transferring to a new university as a junior is scary. It’s like you’re starting over, just like you’re a freshman again. When I came to UW-Madison, I joined Her Campus as a “fun” club as a business student. But, since then I have switched my major to journalism and gained a great group of friends. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was disappointing to not be able to see any of my Her Campus girls regularly. I missed all of us yelling in the Educational Sciences building every other Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. I still do, but the pandemic has allowed me to branch out to meet other amazing Her Campus women!

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As a content creator, I frequently seek out websites and programs that will connect me with brands to post sponsored content for. I came across the array of other groups within Her Campus. The ones that I am a part of are CFashionista, InfluenceHer Collective and Campus Trendsetters. Within these groups, there are Facebook groups to connect with other women on campuses all over the country. 

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 One day, I stumbled upon a post asking if any other women wanted to join an engagement group on Instagram. Engagement groups are when you send your photo within the group and the other women hype you up. Our group became more than just hyping each other up. We would share our everyday experiences, what we were going through because of the pandemic, and good online shopping deals. We would all get the same Campus Trendsetters sponsorships and hype each other up when we got outside brand partnerships. We even started doing Zoom calls to keep each other company. Very quickly, we all became a group of friends. We inspire each other every day to create better content on Instagram, to become more confident, and many other ways. 

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I truly could not be happier that I joined the community of Campus Trendsetters. I am beyond grateful for the amazing group of women that I am now a part of thanks to this organization!

Shoutout to my girls: Vanessa Silva, Nadia Garcia, Jessica Pesso, Kelly Han, Grace Kelly, Kenzie Syiem, Siarah Mazariegos and Skylar Steinhart. You all are the best.

Emily is a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications. In her spare time, she loves taking photos, listening to podcasts, and going to art museums around campus. Find her on Instagram instagram.com/emily.ravet!
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