Why It’s Ok to Be “Basic”

I’ve always been labeled as a “basic” girl. Ever since I discovered my undying love for Starbucks' pumpkin spice lattes, claimed my adoration for Taylor Swift and decided that black leggings are a perfectly acceptable fashion choice for every occasion, I often hear the phrase, “You are SO basic!” I used to insist that there was no way I could be basic. However, today I’m here to tell you that it's time we collectively embrace our inner basicness. 

It all started back in middle school when wearing Ugg boots and a North Face jacket was the most popular trend among teen girls. However, the look soon became the trademark “basic girl” outfit. Since then, the basic Tumblr girl has evolved into the even more basic, new and improved, “VSCO girl.” Some common aspects of the VSCO girl aesthetic include using scrunchies, decorating a Hydroflask water bottle with a multitude of stickers and wearing Birkenstock sandals, among other things. While my friends often tease me for having all of these items, I recently came to a realization: I really like these things — and that’s OK! 

Yeah, I have a matching Kanken backpack with almost every girl on campus. So what? Sure, I enjoy wearing the comfortable black and white checkered vans to class that many other girls sport as well. If it makes me feel confident, then why shouldn’t I wear it? While boys often wear similar clothes, play the same video games and use the same slang, they're not regarded as basic. They are simply “boys being boys.” Sigh. Just another way that girls are held to a different standard than boys. Liking popular things doesn’t mean that you aren’t interesting or original. Every person is unique, and enjoying things that other girls may also like does not define you or change who you are. 

That’s why I’ve decided to embrace my basicness from here on out. So, I say... blast that Lizzo song, rock those mom jeans and splurge on that avocado toast. Don’t let others tell you that your interests aren’t valid just because other people like them. You are your own person despite liking things that are regarded as basic. If it makes you happy — go for it! It’s the year of self love, you deserve it.