Why Everyone Should Take a Level One Dance Class

College students have to take many classes and many of them are hard work and not much fun. Dance classes are the opposite; they’re enjoyable! I am so happy I decided to take Pilates Mat 1 this semester. My friend recommended the class after taking it first semester. She even wants to continue to the second level of pilates because she liked the first so much. The class is more than fun; it gets you to exercise, teaches you body awareness, it’s relaxing, and you meet lots of people.


    Dance classes are a great way to get exercise without having to go to the gym. What’s better than getting credit for working out after all? In the classes you will learn new, fun ways to workout. It’s easy to go to class twice a week, especially knowing you won’t have to head to the gym that day. 

women doing exercises


    Pilates has taught me a lot about my own body. This week we’re learning how to work muscles in our shoulders to improve our posture. We have learned how to breathe, sit, and move our arms to make a workout more efficient and to align our bodies in more comfortable, healthy positions.


    Going to dance is my favorite class every week. It’s relaxing because even though some of the moves are strenuous, our professor makes sure we take care of our bodies by moving correctly. The class forces you to go see a dance performance, something I wouldn’t have done without this class. I loved going because it was so interesting to see what other students are passionate about.



    Finally, a great benefit of taking a dance class is meeting people you wouldn’t usually see on campus. I have met students from a variety of different majors including nursing majors, econ majors and dance majors. I met people in different grades who have given me advice on picking classes and navigating college. One student even recommended taking ballroom dance next because he had a great time in the class.  


    So if you are looking for a way to liven up a boring schedule or just want a fun way to get moving and meet new people, enroll in a dance class!