Which "A Star is Born" Song Are You Based on Your Zodiac?

If you’ve seen A Star is Born or Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s infamous Grammy performance of Shallow, you’re aware of the movie’s amazing soundtrack. The lengthy 18 track album includes fierce dad rock, pop ballads and dramatic love songs.  Read below to find out which song you are based on your Zodiac sign!



1. Aries - Shallow

Not only are you fearless and impulsive, Aries, you’re never one to turn down a chance at being in the spotlight.


2. Taurus - Black Eyes

You are smart, hard working, and assertive, Taurus. This fierce song could be your anthem.


3. Gemini - Look What I Found

Fun, flirty, and upbeat, Geminis are likely to show off their new boo.


4. Cancer - Before I Cry

Cancers are notoriously emotional, but they are also intuitive and loving in relationships.


5. Leo - Alibi


Leos are loyal, honest, intense, and often dramatic. You don’t lie without an alibi.


6. Virgo - Music to my Eyes

Virgos, you may get a bad rap for being Type A, but you also have a strong appreciation for beauty, in life and in your partners.


7. Libra - La Vie en Rose

You see beauty and art where others don’t, Libra, and some might call you a dreamer. You truly see life in a rosy hues.


8. Scorpio - Why Did You Do That?

You may be notoriously freaky-deaky, Scorpio, but your relationships are meaningful and authentic. You don’t tolerate people who are ingenuine, and you’re not afraid of confrontation.


9. Sagittarius - Maybe It’s Time


Independent and strong-willed, it’s unlike you to sit around and mourn change, Sagittarius. You recognize when things need to change in your life and when toxic people need to be cut off.


10. Capricorn - Is That Alright?


You take pride in being responsible and hardworking, Capricorn, and you treat relationships the same way. You are loyal and create long-lasting relationships.


11. Aquarius - I Don’t Know What Love Is

You are independent and original. Because you’re most attracted to intellect, Aquarius, it might seem like there’s slim pickings, but when you do have relationships they are communicative and engaging.


12. Pisces - I’ll Never Love Again


Although you’re generally easy-going and fun, your love is intense. The most loyal of the signs, Pisces loves for life.


Which song from A Star is Born describes your astrological sign?