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Which Marvel Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?



If you were at all curious — or are just really bored in your 300-person Anthropology 101 lecture — then you have clicked on the right article. With the Marvel/Avengers craze that has been in motion for about ten years now due to the seemingly constant release of new films every few months, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and participate in ‘said craze’ in my own fashion. I have always been a fan of superhero/action movie. I grew up with two younger brothers, what can I say, and Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I also am a Libra to my core. After some extensive research including scouring the internet and polling my friends for their thoughts and opinions, this is what I have come to conclude:


Aquarius: Thor

You are known to be a great help to your community, always the first to volunteer in order to make life easier for those around you, especially because you aren’t the best at sitting still — like, does Thor ever sleep? Acknowledged as being a bit “out there,”, but fantastic at coming up with ideas, he is like Fred from Mystery Inc., but for the Avengers!


Pisces: The Hulk

You are known for being extremely intelligent (he’s a doctor, so you can’t get much smarter than that) and sensitive. But, like The Hulk, you can get caught up in your fantasies, which makes living in the ‘real world’ difficult at times — oh boy, doesn’t The Hulk know that feeling.


Aries: Thanos

Enough said.


Taurus: Captain Marvel

You are known to spring into immediate action if someone is in need regardless of consequence, just like Captain Marvel. You have wants and desires of your own, but not unreasonably so. Deep down inside you know what it is that will make you happy, just like how Captain Marvel wants to remember where she came from and who she is.


Gemini: Spider-Man

You are very good at multitasking, and you love to talk…a lot, and fast. Sometimes it can be difficult for others to keep up with you because you are always doing two things at once (sorry, not everyone can shoot webs out of their wrists and swing through the air at the same time). But, similar to Spider-Man, you are an inspiration to those around.


Cancer: Captain America

You are very loyal to your friends and family which makes for a good companion, like Captain America. Others feel they can easily rely on you; he is a man of the people. With that being said, you do have difficulty cracking open your shell and showing your true self, because you don’t want to feel the pain and hurt that comes with vulnerability. Likewise, it takes you a while to bounce back from an altercation, because dealing with emotions can be a lot of mental energy. I mean did you watch Captain America: Civil War?


Leo: Iron Man

You are the complete embodiment of Tony Stark because you are always the life of the party. Attention is no stranger to you, which makes you very popular. Like Iron Man, you tend to be very easily aggravated and to supplement such feelings, you have a habit of making a big deal out of everything.


Virgo: Doctor Strange

You are just like Doctor Strange with your analytical abilities and a sharp eye. Because you are quite the perfectionist (I mean, you only get one chance at a successful surgery). It can make you very uptight. Conversely, you are a great friend to others and have a spectacular sense of humor.


Libra: Black Panther

You are one that others trust to make the best decision, and you don’t judge others too harshly (and thank goodness because Black Panther wouldn’t be a very good leader otherwise). But, sometimes making that big decision means weighing the scales, and that can be time-consuming and frustrating for others who are waiting and relying on your decision. You are also very tactful, a skill that both you and Black Panther proudly share.


Scorpio: Black Widow

You are very attractive, in the sense that people feel very drawn to you, though they can’t ever figure out why because you have this mysterious air about you. Socializing with others definitely isn’t your strongest suit. But like Black Widow, you are a fantastic fighter so when you punch, it hurts.


Sagittarius: Star-Lord

You are very energetic and always ready for your next adventure, whatever that may be. But, you can be very reckless, which is problematic because you tend to put others at risk because of your actions. You and Star-Lord are both great at making new friends, entertaining others, and constantly cracking jokes, thanks to your simply outgoing nature.


Capricorn: Hawkeye

You are fiercely protective of your loved ones in every way possible. You are a very practical leader, but sometimes your need to succeed can be overbearing for others. Life can be really hard, and but even in its roughest times, you are spectacular at dealing with the blows.


Now that you know which Marvel character you embody most, start to channel your inner superhero, because nothing is stopping you now from being the most badass version of yourself — except maybe midterms.


*Special thanks to Bri Hunter and Eddie Wondra for their help*

Hi, my name is Alexandria Chapes and I am a senior at UW-Madison. I am majoring in Theatre and Drama as an Acting Specialist with a certificate in Digital Studies. I enjoy writing in my spare time, especially about theatre, because it is a world unknown to many that I loving sharing with others!
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