Which Fall Drink Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

If you’ve stepped outside within the last couple days or have seen the leaves change, you most definitely know that we’ve entered fall. It’s honestly crazy to believe, but the weather and the scenery isn’t waiting for anyone! If you’re anything like me, you have your classic favorite fall drink that warms you up during the chilly weather. Maybe the drink that you normally get even aligns with your astrological sign! Here’s the fall drink for you, based on based on your zodiac sign. 

  1. 1. Aries: Pumpkin Spice Latte 

    This classic drink really embodies the enthusiasm and passion in fall, but also in you. With its classic spices and festive pumpkin flavor, your enthusiasm for the fall time really shines! 

  2. 2. Taurus: Classic Chai 

    Classic for any season, but mostly for fall, the chai drink is patient and reliable. It’s always there for you whenever you need it, much like the Taurus that you know. 

  3. 3. Gemini: Butterbeer 

    Creative with spunky ideas and craving the curious parts of life, Butterbeer is the fall drink for you! 

  4. 4. Cancer: Classic Hot Chocolate 

    Hot chocolate reminisces about the imaginative nature you had when you were a child, and is sure to bring out your sympathetic and loyal sides this fall season. 

  5. 5. Leo: Dirty Chai 

    Chai lattes and espresso might be the classic way to go on a fall day, but when you’re a Leo, this drink really brings out your cheerful and humorous sides of life. 

  6. 6. Virgo: Hot Caramel Apple Cider 

    Much like Virgos, Hot Caramel Apple Cider is the practical and analytical choice this fall —  toasty and warm with just the right amount of sweet is the perfect fit for a Virgo

  7. 7. Libra: Hot Cinnamon Tea 

    Not only is a hot tea great for a fall day, but the hot cinnamon tea serves as the right choice for a Libra this fall, because it’s cooperative, fair-minded and a way to spice up your social character. 

  8. 8. Scorpio: Apple Juice 

    Mistakenly seen as the classic drink for your 4 to 5-year-old self, Apple Juice is secretly the resourceful fall drink that every Scorpio deserves. 

  9. 9. Sagittarius: Salted Caramel Latte 

    Salted caramel lattes are quite honestly the guilty pleasure of fall — but also perfect for the generous and idealistic personalities of a Sagittarius. 

  10. 10. Capricorn: Chocolate Hazelnut Latte 

    chocolate hazelnut latte is the self-control that every person needs in their life. When you think of someone ordering one of these, you think responsible, and this is perfectly a Capricorn. 

  11. 11. Aquarius: Honey Lavender Latte 

    As an Aquarius, you’re calm, independent and a humanitarian, and this fall drink really embodies your chill nature. 

  12. 12. Pisces: London Fog 

    Much like a London Fog, you are wise and gentle, and this classic gloomy day drink really brings out the best in you. 

If these drinks don’t fit your astrological sign and personality, don’t fret — just try them all at your local coffee shop and you are sure to find the one that best fits your personality! Happy fall!