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When Summer Means Internships, Jobs, Classes, and More…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Summer isn’t all about soaking up the sun and relaxing

As the Wisconsin weather is turning to sunshine and warmth, my summer to-do list seems to grow longer and longer. For most, summer is a time to relax, rewind, and take time off from the school year. As much as I would love to say that sounds like an amazing summer plan, it isn’t realistic. 

The pressure to have the best resume, the most job experience, the highest grades, etc. keeps pushing my boundaries. As a person that falls into the throws of high competition, it’s hard to pass up the summer months to obtain that internship you’ve dreamed of, grow your network of future employers, gain work experience, take some extra classes to get ahead and so much more related to the future. Is any of this, per se, enjoyable? Not particularly now, but I do know looking back on my choices of how I’m spending my time, I’ll be proud and grateful to myself.

For many, summer is a time to work a part-time job, catch up with friends and take trips, but for me, this time is crucial for feeling like I am staying on track or even getting ahead. It really depends on you and your future goals. As a Business School student, the pressure to “be the best” will never go away, but it’s how I view myself currently and envision myself in the future that determines what I am doing today to be where I later on. While most of this sounds negative so far, here are some takeaways from my choices of packing my summer that I look forward to:

1. Experiencing the corporate marketing world

With my upcoming internship, I am excited to get a feel of a real corporate setting. Living along the lines of “you don’t know until you try,” I am interested in seeing if I actually like the corporate marketing world… or I’ll have to switch majors! Just kidding, hopefully not!

2. Connecting with experienced people and Other Interns in My field

I always think it’s important to learn from those more knowledgeable and experienced but also teach those less knowledgeable and experienced as well – it goes both ways. The suspense of not knowing what I will be walking into through my first “college/real” internship is exciting, and I am anticipating it will be a good experience in the end.

3. Taking a few classes that I can enjoy in a less competitive setting

When school starts up on campus in the fall, the energy is high, sports are in full swing, my role as a sports photographer and club executive leader is busy, and studying isn’t quite as easy to find time for. While summer classes can be a cumbersome task, I am somewhat excited about the two I am enrolled in and know that I will enjoy them more with fewer other academic obligations on the table. Getting ahead on some of the courses I can take online will set me up for a smoother fall semester, which I will be happy about during the football game days and volleyball matches. 

4. Working on figuring out myself, my passions and my ambitions

Having an active brain that is always thinking about the future is exhausting, but I like the process of being young enough to have the ability to question all the variables in my life. I look forward to continuing to grow my personal photography business through obtaining more clients, shoots, and experience, and I also plan to spend time learning more about the business side of my operations and ambitions. Setting up a stronger vision for where I plan to be in the future will only help me reach a tangible goal.

Beyond my internship, classes and personal business, I look forward to cooking simple, fresh meals, catching a few rays, and enjoying my time at home surrounded by those I care about. 

Summertime doesn’t always have to be about packing the most into this time off, but it also doesn’t have to be a time to just wait for the next thing in life to come. Finding that balance of what you want to do, where you want to be in the near future, and planning an obtainable check-list is something we all can do for ourselves in the upcoming months. 

Tess Trueblood

Wisconsin '24

Hello, I am Tess. I am currently studying marketing and real estate within the School of Business. I am passionate about photography, travel, health and wellness and ways to better your lifestyle!!