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What Your Favorite Tea Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Ah tea, one of the world’s favorite beverages. Whether you’re drinking a cozy, warm mug, a refreshing iced glass, or a boozy long island-iced cup, tea is always a go-to for any time of day or year.  

As the weather gets colder, our teas get hotter. So the real question is: what does your tea order says about you?

Chai: Unique and Sweet with Some Sass

Chai teas are sugar, and spice, and everything nice, and they come with a kick. There’s no other tea that is quite like chai tea. It’s as unique as you are. Chai has a kick of spice, and you have a kick to you too. You’re not one to sit back and watch someone talk badly about your friend or something you feel passionate about. You’re sweet, but when it comes down to it, your sass shows, and you don’t let anyone get away with being disrespectful.

Green tea: Earthy and Smart

You’re one with the world, and you appreciate everything around you. You make sure to take in the beauty of the color changing leaves and the seasons change. Exercise is probably something you enjoy and try to make time for a few days a week, if not every day. You also have more stored in your brain than the average person. You know a lot about a lot of different things, whether it be book smarts or street smarts, you have both.


English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast Tea: Sophisticated and Classy

If you drink English or Irish Breakfast tea, you are one classy lady. You know that tea can have a sufficient amount of caffeine, and coffee isn’t all that. You have your life together and know what you want in life, and you aren’t afraid to go get it and hold your chin up high. Also, you know that breakfast tea is classier than coffee, and your sophisticated self doesn’t need to have a complicated Starbucks order to show you’re a woman who knows what she wants. So grab a scone, put on Downton Abbey, and enjoy your tea time!

Fruity Tea: Clever and Fun

Like fruity tea, you’re a good time and fun to be around. You radiate positive vibes, and you’re always ready with a witty comeback. Fruity tea is refreshing, sweet, and a favorite of everyone, just like you! There’s bunch of clever mixes of fruity teas, and you’re clever too, always thinking of the best way to get around any obstacle in your life. You can’t go wrong with fruity tea, and your clever and fun personality is a delight to be around.

Chamomile: Laidback and Trustworthy

Good ol’ chamomile. It’s reliable as heck and is always there for you through freezing weather or the flu. Like chamomile, you are always there for anyone that needs you, and that’s why people seem to always tell you their secrets. They know you are trust worthy, just like a mug of chamomile tea: you just can’t go wrong. Just like chamomile is soothing, your laid-back personality is calming, and you’re always a good person to have around.

Peppermint: Thoughtful and Creative

Peppermint tea isn’t your average herbal tea with its exciting zing of mint. Its complex flavor represents your thoughtfulness. You’re always thinking of new things and creating stories in your head. Peppermint tea is a little out of the box, like your creative side. You’re an original and can’t be copied by anything or anyone else. You know that a cup of peppermint tea in the fall and winter is the way to go, especially when curling up with a fiction novel.

Ginger: Down-to-Earth and Adventurous

Ginger tea is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but your adventurous side isn’t afraid of trying new things. Ginger has a sharper taste than a lot of other teas, but you don’t shy away from it. You know that exploring new things can lead to awesome opportunities. You are interested to see what things are, and you take them for what they are since you are down-to-earth. You’re reliable, like a mug of ginger tea. Once you take the step into trying something new, you know you can adjust to anything with a little time, and people easily feel comfortable around you with your down-to-earth attitude.

Oolong Tea: Worldly and Curious

Oolong tea may not be the first type of hot tea most people think of. Oolong tea is a more traditional tea, and you’re curious of new cultures and experience. You have knowledge of what’s going on in the world, and people seem to think you’re well-traveled, even if you’ve been to just a few places. You’re curious to see the rest of the world too and try new things. If Oolong tea is your tea, you know there’s so much in the world to see and know.

Whether your tea is herbal or black or spiced, our cups of tea are always there for us, warm us up inside, and reflect a little of our personalities!

Madison is a senior at the University of Wisconsin pursuing a major in English Literature with minors in Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Studies. Post college, Madison plans to complete her dreams of being the next Anna Wintour. In her free time, Madison enjoys listening to Eric Hutchinson, eating dark chocolate, and FaceTiming her puppies back home. When she isn't online shopping, or watching YouTube bloggers (ie Fleur DeForce), Madison loves exploring the vast UW Campus and all it has to offer! She is very excited to take this next step in her collegiette career as Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for HC Wisco. On Wisconsin!