What Your Favorite Library Says About You



As finals season is approaching, you may find yourself seeking shelter in one of the many UW-Madison libraries in order to get your grind on. There is something that is pulling you towards a certain library over another — take a study break to see what your favorite Madison library says about you!


College Library

Behold Helen C. White, the most (in)famous library on campus. If this is your go-to study place it means that you are social—and likely in Greek life. College Library is a space for people to go and spend hours chatting away with friends at a table—and maybe spend 20 minutes studying. If you’ve been to College Library, you know that you're more likely than not  going to run into frats boys and sororities sisters who have claimed three tables and are discussing their future socials.


Memorial Library

Ah, Memorial Library. Conveniently located on State Street and home to the ultra-focused—and the ones who have, well... lost it. If this is your go-to library it probably means that you are mentally at rock bottom. If you so happen to put yourself in a cage, you are preparing for your death (or your next exam). Memorial is for those who are cramming and really need to get their sh*t together, and this is where your productivity will peak.


Business Library

Grainger, oh sweet Grainger. If the Business Library is your go-to place to study, you are either a business major that wants everyone to know—or you may just be a random person who didn't want to walk to another library. If you are constantly studying here, you may be in a suit and bragging about how hard your econ class is or discussing the various internships you have lined up.


Historical Society Library

This library is legit, it's the one that you see on your tour of UW-Madison and the one that makes you feel like a true college student. If this is your go-to library, it means that you need a pretty environment where you will be productive—it may also mean that College was full so you went with the second best option.


No matter the library you choose at UW-Madison, there's a place for everyone. Whatever library you end up at, I hope you find your place to study—and have a comfortable place to have one or two breakdowns in.