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What Your Favorite Halloween Movie Says About You

It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time to binge watch your favorite Halloween movies. From Disney movies to horror movies, each one has something to offer. So, what does your favorite Halloween movie say about you?


1 . Halloweentown: You love movies from your childhood

More specifically, you love that Halloweentown gives Halloween a Disney twist. It was all that Disney Channel played every September and October when you were growing up; and honestly, you have no shame in watching it every year.

2. Hocus Pocus: You’re not the biggest fan of scary movies​

Realistically, you love and can quote every line from this movie because it’s truly classic. Halloween doesn’t feel right for you without watching Hocus Pocus while snacking on some candy with friends (or drinking some witches’ brew maybe?).

3. Paranormal Activity: You like a movie that makes you jump and look forward to unexpected excitement and thrill.

Halloween might not be your thing, but you love a movie that will make you check under your bed before falling asleep.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas: You’re the festive one

You’re most likely someone who appreciates Halloween year-round and is all too eager to celebrate Christmas. Either way, this peculiar movie celebrates both holidays in an interesting way that you appreciate.

5. Halloween: You’re the traditional one

The name says it all. You are a fan of the traditional, scary, yet exciting, thrilling, and (of course) spooky time of year. Halloween is a holiday staple of every year, and watching it seems like a right of passage.

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: You’re the ’90s kid

As a ’90s kid, you have a thing for the classics. This throwback high school twist on Halloween is exactly what you crave this time of year. Of course, watching Luke Perry isn’t hard on the eyes either.

7. The Addams Family: You come from a Halloween-loving family

Just like for the Addams Family, Halloween is a family affair for you. Your family loves Halloween more than any other holiday and appreciates a true classic like The Addams Family. You appreciate dry humor and black and white film.


Watch all of your favorite Halloween movies while you can. But don’t worry, no judgment if you watch them into November and December. Some of them are good enough to watch all year round!

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