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What’s written in your stars?

Two of my close friends have always been very into astrology and introduced me, too. I downloaded CoStar and texted my mom asking what time I was born so I could enter the world of astrology. I am not a believer in the stars telling your characteristics or future, but it is really fun to see what I should and should not do, how compatible I am with other people or how my sign affects my personality.

I am a Capricorn because I was born between December 22 – January 19. Capricorn’s are usually achievers, builders and climbers. We are determined, caring, consistent and reliable. Some famous Capricorns are John Legend, Bradley Cooper, Kate Middleton, Liam Hemsworth and Michelle Obama, so I am in very good company. 

Megan Charles

Capricorns are earth elements, along with Taurus and Virgo. These elements work hard and are practical and reasonable. They love routine and strictly follow them to control their lives. Air signs can balance earth signs because they are more carefree and spontaneous. 

I think that my star sign is pretty accurate. I am very organized, practical, caring and hard-working, but I think I am more positive than most people consider Capricorns to be, even though I do have my moments. Based on my CoStar, I am compatible with most of my friends, but it does say I cannot be compatible with others. This is why I always take astrology with a grain of salt and just enjoy the coincidence of it all. 

I don’t check CoStar every day, but it tells you different things to avoid and do each day, gives you daily advice and tells you how compatible you and your friends are on any given day. Today my CoStar said to do stripes, grooming and multivitamins (which was a good reminder to take mine) and it said to avoid padlocks, guilt and old wounds. Even though it doesn’t make much sense, it is pretty good advice and fun. The advice it gives me is to stay cool and catch up with my feelings and to talk to a friend I haven’t seen in awhile because she lives at home.

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Megan Charles / Her Campus Media

Astrology is a great way to kill a few minutes and have fun trying to see how your personality matches your sign. It can also be fun to blame flukes on your sign or the stars. I also love looking at lists like what Thanksgiving food you are based on your astrological sign or what to read based on your sign. Everyone should look at their astrological charts and maybe learn more about themselves.

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