What I’ll Miss About Madison over the Summer

Although I’ll always be a Minneapolis girl at heart, Madison has become my home away from home. While I’m totally excited to go back and recover from finals, there are some things that are unique to Madison that I know I’ll find myself missing over the next 3 months!

1. Food Carts.

Especially the Empanada cart… YUM!

2. Bascom Hill

Even though I’m definitely not a fan of trudging up Bascom in the winter (or really any season), I have to admit that the view from the top is great!

3. Babcock Ice Cream

I definitely consider myself an ice cream aficionado. That said, ice cream is definitely a staple in my summer diet.  But how am I supposed to go back to Dairy Queen all summer?? The struggle is so real.

4. Lake Mendota

Even though I’m from the land of 10,000 lakes, Lake Mendota has become my favorite!  I’ll miss taking study breaks at college library to look out the window at the stunning view.

5. State Street

I will never get tired of the view of State Street from Bascom Hill! State Street is such an amazing place and I love the way it connects the Capitol building to campus. I will definitely miss exploring State with my friends this summer!

6. Red & White

UW-Madison takes school pride to another level!  I’ll miss seeing all of the badgers on campus and all of the red and white.

7. Ian’s

Where am I going to find mac & cheese pizza at home?


While I am so excited to go home for the summer, I will for sure be missing UW-Madison and all of the fun times that have come along with it!  What will you miss the most about being on campus?