What I Binge-Watched Over Winter Break

Over winter break, I had a lot of time on my hands and with that time, I watched so many things. These shows were the ones that got me hooked from the very beginning and gave me the true binge-watch experience. If you haven’t watched these shows yet, you should.

Spinning Out

Spinning Out debuted its first season over winter break and I definitely watched it within two days. The show portrays the struggles of a figure skater who suffers from bipolar disorder. I found the show very hard to stop watching and would highly recommend it to anyone. 



This show is a documentary style series that follows the Navarro cheerleading team on their way to nationals. This show is really easy to get into since it follows a few members of the team throughout their training and college experience while being on the team. Cheer was very intense and it gives the audience a new appreciation of the sport and a better understanding of what these athletes are actually going through.


Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

This show is also a documentary style series that follows the story of a group of people on the internet who work to find the person behind animal cruelty videos that become increasingly more violent. The person behind the videos ends up committing even worse crimes and the online group aids in his arrest. The show has so many twists and it was interesting to see the group of regular people work to identify the individual before the police even could.


Sex Education

Sex Education a comedy about a high school student helping his peers figure things out. This show is very funny, but I probably wouldn’t watch it with your parents or small children.



If you haven’t heard of You, I don’t know where you’ve been. This show is about a man that will do anything for love, including taking anyone out that might get in the way of his relationships. This show just came out with its second season and it definitely lived up to expectations.


The Circle

This reality show is new to Netflix and is based on how people present themselves through social media. The show allows the players to be anyone they want to be and I was shocked by some of the players’ choices. This show should definitely be on your watch list.


If you end up with some time on your hands, you should definitely check these shows out. I can say that my winter break was well spent on the couch and in front of the tv.