What Girls Really Think While On Tinder

Tinder is weird. Some people automatically assume everyone on there is only looking for hookups. There is a little bit of a stigma toward using it because of this. The fact is there are many reasons people use it, boredom and wanting to meet/talk to new people among them. So, while girls are swiping left or right, what are they really thinking about? 

Seeking: Someone to eat pizza with.

I'm up for Netflix and Chill. And by that I mean let's watch the episode of Parks and Rec that I am on and cuddle. That's it.

If it turns out that I actually like you in real life, I might actually want something to come of this. Gasp!

Mirror selfies terrify me (especially if your shirt is off). I don't know why I'm still on here, but I keep re-downloading it when I'm bored. So if you are interested in having a normal conversation, I'm here. But mostly I'm just getting a thumb workout.

What am I looking for? That's a good question.

Inappropriate profiles/first messages will not get you anywhere…“Hey” is not a conversation starter…unless you’re a 6th grader texting for the first time. 
There are no new people in my area? That's really all that is out there...?
*Congratulations! You have a new match!* I may have swiped right a few too many times last night...

Maybe it's a good thing this isn't working out.

Oh, you actually want to get coffee? I like coffee. I guess I could do that. 

Whether you're on Tinder as an experiment, for giggles, or to find something in any form, it is bound to be a strange experience. You will find some attractive people. You will find some weirdos. And you will definitely question why you ever attempt to use it at one point or another.