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Weekly Workout: Burpees


Forward Lunge with Bicep Curl

– Holding two heavy dumbbells at your sides, lunge forward with your left leg. Make sure knee doesn’t go past toes and your bent leg has a 90 degree angle. At the bottom, do a bicep curl, keeping arms tucked to side and with control. Stand back up and repeat on opposite leg. 12x each leg.



– Max in 45 seconds


Back Lunge with Shoulder Press

– Holding two weights at shoulder level, palms facing forward, step into a back lunge with your left foot. As you stand back up, do a shoulder press. Repeat on other leg.


Skater Jumps

– 30 seconds


Side Squat to Curtsy Lunge

Holding two heavy weights at your sides, step into a side squat on your right leg. Push your butt back and try to sit back as low as you can, with your left leg still out straight to the side, leaning slightly forward, but back straight. As you stand back up, step directly into a curtsy lunge with your right foot, crossing your right foot behind your left and lunging down. Repeat 12x on the same leg then switch.



– In plank position on your hands, jump your feet in outside and next to your hands (think like a frog), then quickly jump your feet back out so you’re in plank position again. Repeat quickly for 30 seconds.


Pushup with Reach

– In pushup position, perform one pushup. When you reach the top, simultaneously reach your left arm straight in front of you and lift your right leg straight up. Hold for one second then lower. Do another push up and repeat with opposite leg and arm. 10x



– Hold for 60 seconds either on hands or forearms. Butt down!


Go kill it! You got this 

Katie McDonough is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is currently undecided about her major. She's a fitness junkie from downtown Chicago who spends much of her time reading blogs. She is a soon to be brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and is studying to become an ACE personal trainer and/or group fitness instructor. Some of her favorite things include TurboKick, dancing, pizza, her golden retriever Buddy, reading blogs, and watching trashy tv with her roomie!
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