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Weekly Celeb Gossip: Watson Fashion Collab, Kutcher Punk’d, & Minaj-Carey Throwdown

Emma Watson to possibly collaborate with Erdem and Valentino on a clothing line. Ashton Kutcher gets punk’d by caller who calls SWAT team to his house and the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey feud intensifies after Nicki places a gun threat against Mariah.

So if you guys are anything like me, you’ll look for any possible distractions when you have a ton of work piled up for the next day. So here I have for you, lovely badgers, just a bit to fill up your 10-minute break before you return to that never ending pile of homework.

Emma Watson, who I will boldly admit is my all time girl crush, has admitted to being interested in a collab with Valentino! Watson has previously done collabs with Alberta Ferretti and an eco brand called Free People and both lines went exceeding well. According to the daily mail, Watson wants to do something fabulous and unexpected with a designer like Erdem. Undoubtedly, any partnership she does with any fashion house will be absolutely fantastic. (Can you guys see my girl crush shining through?) Also her movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, recently came out with an 84% rating on rotten tomatoes and with great reviews. Here’s a link to the trailer: Perks.

Ashton Kutcher, the king of Punk’d, today had an elaborate prank at his house. A caller apparently played a hoax on the police while the star and his recent girlfriend Mila Kunis were away. The unidentified woman called 911 and reported that some armed intruders were at the star’s house and that she was hiding in a closet. A SWAT team got to Kutcher’s house and arrested three men who they suspected to be the armed intruders. They later found out that it was just a prank call to test the response time of the police and that the three men worked in Kutcher’s house. The police didn’t find the prank funny at all and have stated that the person behind the prank will be held accountable.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, the newest judges of American Idol, have a feud going on since it was revealed that Minaj would be amongst the fresh batch of Idol judges. The tension between the singer and the rapper allegedly escalated to the point where Minaj threatened to shoot Carey. Minaj then went on a twitter rant (like most celebs do when they feud) on how Carey was just a jealous liar looking for a pity party. Carey has since asked for extra security on the American Idol set as the feud goes on. 

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